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All Sorts of News about The Gops!

   First up, just who runs this page?  Well, all the information and pictures comes from BJ Thompson, the lead singer of The Gops.  I'm Dwaine.  I'm just the design guy.  Be sure to e-mail your questions and comments to the right guys.  We're both dedicated to bringing you the best Gops page the internet has to offer!  The page is best gazed upon in Netscape 4. 

8/20/99  Hello everyone.  Dwaine here.  As summer winds down to a close, most of the band has gone back to school in various cities.  So, chances are there won't be any shows for a little while.  If something comes up, we'll be sure to let you know.

The CD page has been updated with new information.  Contrary to what the Good Guy Records page says, the CDs aren't limited and they will always be available to anyone that wants one.  The CD is now $8.  What do you get for the extra dollar?  You get an overall better product.  Since we are handling the CDs now, it has a real label (no gray, straight out of the case label for us!).  The covers are now printed on a better paper stock and contains some information and pictures inside the jacket.  So, you're now getting a high quality and professioal looking product.  Trust me, it's worth it!

On a personal note, I am sincerely sorry for anyone who tried to buy a CD from Good Guy Records and had their order canceled.  Scott D. has taken The Gops off the page because he doesn't feel like making CDs for the band anymore.  CDs do not take long to make and I don't believe that it's good business for someone who calls himself a record company to only make CDs for whoever and whenever he wants.  If you are interested in purchasing a CD, we will be very happy to make one and send it out to you.

7/10/99  This is a very last minute thing, but the concert page has been updated  with a show for today. 

4/2/99  It turns out that there will not be a concert in Austin in late April.  The band decided to pass on the offer.  There probably will not be another show until this summer.  We're not sure exactly when.  The band members have other things to focus on at the moment.  
   Just a quick note:  The page is now over a year old.  A big thanks to everyone who's visited and signed the guestbook. 

3/16/99  Contrary to previous reports, there isn't going to be a show here, or in Austin in the next two weeks.  But, a concert is in the works of being set up around the third or fourth week in April.  This show will be in Austin.  Keep checking back for more information. 

1/31/99  Not much of an update today.  If all of you web page guys out there would like to link to us, feel free to use the button the banner listed below.  Both graphics are in a Progressive JPEG format. 
The button
The banner

1/27/99  Here's some more Spring Break concert news.  It turns out that the band will not play a show in Austin, but they will try and play two shows here in Houston. 
Some new links are up on the Links page.  Be sure to check them out. 

1/18/99  Here's some new concert info.  The Austin show will be on the week of Spring Break.  So, be sure to plan yer week out to catch the show.  Also, The Gops are thinking of doing a mini tour during the summer.  That's all the concert info for now. 
We've got some new pictures!  Be sure to check them out on the pics page! 

1/15/99  Here's a good bit of news to keep all of you Gops fan satisfied!  The band is planning a show in Austin around March.  There's nothing set so far.  They still have to figure out the date, time, and well, where they're going to have the show.  It's just in the planning phase right now. 
Here's some Denny news!  He's now become the official drummer for O'Doyle Rules!  He's just gotten back from their tour on 'da west side!  Check out their page for the full info. 
Oh, and Christina, you'll get a CD.  We promise. 

12/20/98  Well, the show went extremely well.  The guys had a great crowd and sold a bunch of CDs and stickers.  It's good to hear that the band's reunion show went well. 
By the way, what do you think of the new look?  Love it?  Hate it?  E-mail me and let me know! 

12/7/98  Denny has decided to play drums for O'Doyle Rules while they go on tour on 'da west side.  Check out thier page for more information. 

11/5/98  It's yet another update!  The band is coming together for the release party for the Good Guy Records compilation release party.  The party will be at Fitzgerald's and Zelda's.  All band members have agreed to be there.  Check the concert page for more information.  
    Also, if you wanna see what Jeff, the Saxophone Lady looks like, just go to this page.  I also found out that Matt from O'Doyle Rules has a page check it out hereThe Gops got one vote.  Yippie!  

11/3/98  Hey, it's the first update in two and a half months!  Well, I picked up the new Five Iron Frenzy CD today.  In case you don't know their saxophone player is the subject of the song Saxophone Lady.  I was reading the booklet and came across THIS!  Yeah, the text is a little hard to read on the image but that's the closest I could get it to zoom in.  It looks like The Gops have gotten a little recognition!  It's a shame they're not around anymore though.  BJ and I are already getting in touch with her and sending her a CD.  
   Also, this page has gotten over 2000 hits!  Another big thanks to everyone that's visited and supported the band!  

8/16/98  Here is an article from BJ concerning the future of The Gops.  Please read it.  
    Well, as summer shifts to a close The Gops are taking their first major break in THREE years.  Doesn't feel like it does it???  
    Well the band's CD is doing great (every time we get some in we sell out) and we have already begun talking to places to set up a tour for next year, including two nights in Bryan, Dallas and Austin.  Rumors of a complete 'Gop' breakup are mostly false.  We'll just have to wait and watch.  
    The Gops are the first album released by Good Guy Records and more merchandise is pending.  In the meantime CD's are still for sale, we have patches, and stickers.  If ya want the guys to get back together sooner... e-mail them!!!  
    So what are the guys doing???  Well, drummer Denny is headed off to Austin to tour with Ritalin Kids (formerly Igmo--comprised of members of Little Boy Henry and The Nimoys and now The Gops), we wish him lots-a-luck in his endevers--go see them when they get too town cause they rock!  Adam is headed to UT to major in Geology and possibly form a side band.  He loves the punk scene.   Mills is headed to Texas Tech  
for Business Computers, join the ever so famous "Cock 'n Balls" Paintball team, and race his car (hey, he got first in a local Amateur's race).  Bj is staying in town to major in Business Computers and work with local music including playing acoustic guitar for The Geriatrics--believe me, he is a incredible acoustic guitarist.  
    Well, if you want patches and stickers, all you have to do is either send me an e-mail or BJ an e-mail.  We get together and create them and we'll get them to you as quick as possible.  CDs are still available.  All you gotta do is send BJ an e-mail and we'll send one to you.  More CD info is below.  New pictures coming in a couple of days.  Keep checking.  Of course there'll be less updates now that nothing is happening but please keep checking back.  BJ and I aren't abandoning this page!  Something unexpected may happen and there's more merchandise coming soon.  So, don't stop visiting!  ;)  

8/8/98  Well, that's pretty much it for awhile.  The show went well.  The guys enjoyed themselves and sold a good number of CDs.  There won't be any more shows for a long time.  Denny is touring with IGMO, who just changed their name and I can't remember it right now.  :)  There will be more news on the future of The Gops either Sunday or Monday so please keep checking back.  CDs are still available.  Below are instructions on how to get one.  

8/5/98  Just a quick update to tell everyone to head down to Local Ska Fo' That Ass!.  Juli has a new review of the July 31st show.  It's a cool review and it's well written so check it out.  

8/2/98  Well, the show did alright.  It wasn't the biggest turn out the band has ever had but I heard that The Suspects were playing at Fitz's that night, so...  :)  The CDs sold out!  I hope you all are enjoying it.  Juli was there!  G-Spot had to cancel, but The Daddy Warbucks was there and all the bands played a pretty good show.  Check the 'ol concert page for new concert info!  
If 'ya want a CD, read this!  
    If you want a CD, all you have to do is send BJ an email and tell him.  It will be eight dollars.  If you order one, it won't be until mid August until you recieve it.  There are many people that have reserved copies and the production is going a little slow.  But, we'll make sure you get one as soon as possible.  So don't worry.  If you'd want one we'll get one to you any way possible!