Take yer pick
Just who are these guys called The Gops?

   Slow down there buddy!!! It ain't no big deal to reach them boys. All you gotta know is the rules. First, all inquiries must be titled to The Gops, so they know whatcha want. Then please don't send chain mail, or ads.  The Gops will block ya for that. The Gops are not to be associated with any form of Government Party or Action Group.  Any resemblance is purely coincidental. 

BJ Thompson 
Name:  Barthalemew John (BJ) Thompson  
Age:  22!  
Looks:  More like Drew Carey than Gwen Stefani...  
Plays:  Vocals, rhythm guitar, bird whistle, trumpet, and anything nobody else will play.  
Profession:  White Trash, but clean...  Future commercial announcer.  
Likes:  Music, scary movies, girls Victoria's Secret catalogs, South Park, and leap frog.  
Dislikes:  Any form of -ism, smug people, and rock stars. 
Denny Rasberry 
Name:  Denny Rasberry  
Age:  20 (human years)  
Occupation:  Professional Job Hunter  
Likes:  Chicken fried steaks, my '55 Chevy, and of course, edible underwear.  
Dislikes:  Those yard gnomes!  
Memorable Quote:  That has got to be the biggest skid mark I have ever seen!!!!!  NO!!  Don't touch me with those nasty panties!!!!!  NO!  You lick them!!!!! 
Mills Bell 
Name:  Mills Bell  
Age:  19  
Likes:  Punk and ska music of all sorts, cars (mainly old ones and especially Camaros), girls and lots of 'um. -:>)  
Dislikes:  "know it alls"  
Turn Ons:  feet (don't laugh), red hair, and many more!!  
Status:  Single and looking for the perfect girl. 
Adam Dunn 
Name:  Adam Dunn  
Age:  20  
Height:  6'8  
Plays:  Lead guitar
Profession:  Geology  
Likes:  Punk, ska, classic rock, guitars, and anything else that involves fun.  
Dislikes:  Not having fun