Take yer pick
You guys have a CD?  How do I get it?!

The Gops' CD, Your Next, has been out since August and it was the first CD to be produced under the Good Guy Records label!  It features seven tracks:

1:  Another Punk Song
2:  3/4 Song
3:  Saxaphone Lady
4:  Absolute
5:  Realize
6:  One For Me
7:  You Don't Care About Me
   The CD costs only $8.  Eight bucks for seven great songs; 'ya can't beat that!  There's two ways to get it.  One way is to just send BJ or Dwaine an e-mail, or send $8 to:

The Gops
10 Gate Hill
The Woodlands, TX

  We also have stickers for $1 each.  They come in two forms.  We also have patches for $1 each and feature the camo logo below.