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Welcome to Eric's
Rock~N~Roll Will Never Die!!
The hottest Rock~N~Roll Biker Cyber Site this side of Uranus!!

This site is dedicated to my friends and family in CYBER SPACE.
If you're into Rock, Metal, MC Racing or ARE home!!!


ABOUT ME: Personal note, Photo Album, etc.

HARLEY DAVIDSON: The American Dream!!

HOT LINKS: Friends of the Madness and other ass kickin' sites!!

HUMOR: Laughter Makes the World Go Round.

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MIND MATTERS: Brain Candy to Titillate the Mind.

ROCK~N~ROLL: Rock, Metal and Blues...only the BEST here!!

ROTTEN: This is for the truly SICK!! UNDER 18 DO NOT ENTER!!

SPACED OUT: Find Universal Truth.

USEFUL: Need a Computer, a Job, Maybe a New Guitar?

WEB DESIGN HELP: My contribution to your kick ass page!!

WEB SECURITY: Things you should be aware of!!

Last Known Update 7/11/99

Rode hard & put away wet times by Rock-N-Roll Bikers in cyber space!!!

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Southern California
United States
Rock~N~Roll Madness was created and is maintained by Eric "The Madman"
All rights reversed, All wrongs revenged. The Madness@1997.
All link graphics are copyrighted.
If anyone has an ownership question concerning the contents of my website
Please contact my attorney at: 1-800-EAT-SHIT
or email me and I will give proper credit or remove the item in question.
Thank You...."The Madman"


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