My list of relevant links

You'ld best be going now.

The list..............Anime links

The Anime Turnpike
The best link site on the internet for all things anime.
End of Evangelion MPEGs
The largest collection I have yet seen of End of Eva movie clips.
Anime Movie Gallery.
A large collection of anime movies
Embrace Eva
A new site on Evangelion, looks pretty cool.
The End of Eva Script
The entire script to the final Eva movie
X image gallery
An image gallery from the X movie and manga
Legion's Answers: What is Kaoru?
A site on one of my favorite charachters of all time.
Kagato's Cathedral
A site on my other favorite villain in anime.
Uuchan's Mayuka Shrine
Mayuka rocks!
Mayuka in wonderland
Just because Mayuka's so damn cool.
Tenchi Muyo! Midsummer's eve
A good site on the second movie.

The next list.............Piantball sites

Warpig Paintball
A quite comprehensive resource for paintballers.
Ponytail's Paintball Page
Alternative paintball site.
Alternative paintball
Cannons, mines, etc.....
DDPIS Main page
Durty Dan's site, a great place for paintball info.
PPIG home page
Pump players internet group
Spyder Owners Group
The spyder owners group
Foothills Unabomber's homepage
Interesting page, has some good projects on it.

Yet another list...................Wierd science stuff.

Rob Burgess' High Voltage Site
Like me, he's an admittant beginner, so go to his page.
Wierd Science
One of my favorite places on the net
Ball lightning
It's on the wierd science site, but I think it deserves it's own link.
Nicola Tesla page
The home page of Bill Beaty, the guy who brought you the previous 2 sites.

List IV......The fun stuff

Air cannons of the internet
A comprehensive guide to the construction and use of several types of cannons
Backyard Ballistics
The page that got me interested in spud guns in the first place.
The Useless page
An interesting and useless site.
Twinkie experiments
One of the twinkie experiment pages:) love those snack cakes!
Smashing, exploding, and blowing-up stuff links
A fun little link page.
Matt Reilly's homepage
This site almost belongs in the science section.
The Darwin Awards
The official site of stupid human actions that result in the removal of a person from the gene pool.