The Gambit In New Orleans Series Index

December 12, 2000: I started writing this series a couple of months ago, probably back in October, when I woke up in the middle of the night (which is now when I do most of my writing it seems) and had a brilliant idea for a short story spinning around my head. I didn't know at the time that it would turn into a series of stories, but am I ever glad it did! You will notice the stories are all linked here with brief summaries of them. I thought the series needed it's own introductory page, so here we are. There are still two more stories (possibly three if I get that inspired) coming and they will be added as I write them and get them online. I hope you enjoy them.

Oh and don't even think about the Marvel universe. I may be a huge fan of Remy's, but I don't have the slightest clue what he did after his stay in Antarctica, so I made it all up. This is kind of what I *think* he should have done, and it's a unique look at how I see his relationships with his family in New Orleans, NOT with the X-Men.

Disclaimer: None of the characters in these stories belong to me, although quite frankly I really wouldn't mind owning Remy and the Thieves Guild. Marvel owns them all, I'm just borrowing them for the sake of writing unique stories. Seems to be working. The song lyrics in Only Emil Knows Why belong to Kid Rock and/or whoever wrote them. Again, just borrowing them. The only things I own are the story ideas. Please don't anyone sue me, I'm just a poor university student who loves to write. Emphasis on "poor".

PART ONE: THE DREAM...Remy has returned to his hometown, New Orleans, after escaping the cold of Antarctica. The story is almost entirely scenes of a dream he's having, in which he remembers some events of his past, except for the last scene, which takes place in present day.

PART TWO: ONLY EMIL KNOWS WHY...It's a few weeks after "The Dream" and Remy's rather depressed about his recent history. His good friend (and fellow thief) Emil has a heart-to-heart with him that reveals not only how Emil feels on a certain topic, but also how Remy has been really feeling for quite some time. Song lyrics: rated R. Story: rated G.

PART THREE: A CHRISTMAS IN NAWLINS...Remy and the Thieves are celebrating Christmas...Remy and Mercy have a talk...and will the Guild members stop arguing and finally give Jean-Luc his long-time Christmas wish???

PART FOUR: SOMEONE'S WATCHING...It's New Year's Eve at the LeBeau mansion and the Thieves are having a party. Little do they know, but they've got an unexpected guest...

PART FIVE: A DIFFICULT DECISION...Remy makes a tough choice. That's all you're getting for a summary, except for this. It's the last story in the series. There isn't any more. Well, unless I take someone's advice and write about what happens as a result of the decision.