Scriptures of the Old Kingdom: Alternate Reality

September 12, 2004: Danielle and I got bored with the crazy time-screwed up stuff we were doing...and our many muses kind of got burnt out. So we decided to do something a little different. We took the Guild and made an alternate reality. It's got some ideas that are similar to what we did before, but there are still some vast differences.

The Characters:

Remy LeBeau: Patriarch of the Guild and member of the X-Men, still divides his time between New York and Louisiana.

Bella Donna Boudreaux: Viceroy of the Guild, in charge when Remy isn't around.

Theoren Marceaux: Harvest Master for the Thieves' side of the Unified Guild. Co-third in command.

Gris-Gris: Co-third in command of the Guild, still hates Emil.

Sebastien "Fifolet" Boudreaux: Assassin with the ability to become intangible. In this reality, he's bisexual and dating Claude.

Claude Potier: Strong man of the Thieves' Guild, as always. In this reality, he's gay and dating Fifolet.

Desiree "Singer" Boudreaux: Assassin with powers similar to Rogue's. She can't touch people or look at them directly with her eyes. Hence the glasses. She really likes Genard, but is unable to have a normal relationship with him.

Genard Alouette: Harvest Disseminator of the Thieves' Guild. Is unsure of his feelings towards Singer.

Questa Devereaux: Troubled Assassin. Like in the other reality, Questa was severely abused in his younger years and is just starting to learn how to live again, thanks to Loralei.

Mercy LeBeau: Henri's widow and Remy's sister-in-law. Pretty much has the same role she did before.

Emil Lapin: Still the class clown of the Guild. Eats a lot of ice cream and gets into trouble with his big mouth. He's recently found love with a newcomer named Allie.

Zoe Ishihara: Transplant from Japan, exactly the same as before. Possible lesbian. Not sure yet.

Tante Mattie: Nothing needs to be said. She's not dead and she's still looking after the Guild as their mother figure.

Lucy Marceaux: Younger sister of Theoren. Queen bitch of the Guild even worse than Bel. Disliked by the younger thieves because of her attitude.

Danielle Alouette: Genard's younger sister. Has the ability to warp reality for short periods of time. She's a semi-in-the-closet lesbian with a crush on the older Zoe.

Pierre Alouette: Excommunicated father of Genard and Danielle, he lives in Paris and after his children came to visit him, he started seeing a specialist to try and fix his health problems; he has dreams of being alive to see his young daughter grow up.

Loralei Saint-Lorraine: Former abuse victim with a past as checkered as Questa's. They met by chance and he ended up rescuing her from her father several weeks later. She's living at the mansion and in spite of their confusion and uncertainty about love, they're trying to build a relationship.

Allison "Allie" Austin: Out of work professional dancer whose heart was captured by Emil when he spent two weeks playing "Secret Admirer" and giving her gifts. She's since moved into the safehouse and Remy paid off her debts upon the request of his smitten cousin.

Grace: Fourteen-year-old deaf girl who lived a horrible life on the streets as a prostitute until Danielle rescued her and brought her to the safehouse.

Laurenz Devereaux: Older half-brother of Questa, current leader of Fagan's Mob.

Gabriel and Alenard: Two members of Fagan's Mob who help Laurenz run the "business".

Adrienne Gritault: Former member of Fagan's Mob who left ten years ago and recently returned trying to escape a major bad experience.

There are other characters on the roster, but I'm not going to list them here. As with the second era, half of the ideas and characters are mine, half are Danielle's. I'll include proper credit at the start of each fic. It's only right. Stay tuned!

Stories with this by them are complete, stories with this by them are incomplete.

Alternate Reality




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