Overcoming Obstacles

NOTES (October 6, 2003): You'll notice that The Romance Series now has a new title. You'll also notice that the seventh part, A Night to Remember, which was rated NC-17, is missing. I have not deleted it, just removed it and put it in a different archive. Nothing else has changed in any of the other parts, I promise. Don't own anybody except Jackie. Never did. LOL. Enjoy.

FALLING...Jackie and Emil may not like each other all that much in my novel, but in this story they actually do

CONFESSIONS...find out what happens when Jackie and Emil come clean to the rest of the Theives Guild about their new relationship

REMEMBRANCE...Emil and Jackie learn more about each other's lives and discover just how much they mean to each other

FIRST TIME FOR EVERYTHING... among other things, Emil and Jackie go out on an actual date, plus find out what happened after the end of "Remembrance"

UNCERTAINTY DEFEATED...Jackie and Emil face their first minor shakeup courtesy of Claude and Theoren

A PUNISHMENT WELL DESERVED...Claude and Theoren get what's coming to them

DEFENSIVE MEASURES...the thieves protect their leader with somewhat disastrous results that effect Emil and Jackie deeply

THE WAIT...Tante Mattie works to save Jackie while Emil and the others attempt to deal with the idea that she might not live

REASSURANCES...Final story in the series; Jackie gets answers to some questions that are bothering her