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The Future Trend in Parallel Processing


 Shahriar Shahhoseini 

(Invited Talk)

Talk given at 5th Annual International CSI Computer Conference

Electrical & Computer Engineering Faculty, Shahid Beheshti University, 

Tehran,Iran,7-9 March  2000.


In this talk the current situation of parallel processing system has been discussed. Needs for more computational power leads to build parallel processing systems. In this type of computer many processing units work with each other to solve a common problem. The most important disadvantage of a simple parallel processing is miss of scalability, i.e. saturation of  the processing power for large number of processing units. This saturation originates from hardware overhead (conflict over common resources) and software overhead (more compiling time fore reaching to the acceptable intercommunicating between jobs). The solution of reducing this overheads in huge systems and reaching to the scalability, is clustering the processing units. This may be apply in tightly coupled or loosely coupled systems. A new structure, MultiStage Clustering System or MSCS, is introduced and an example of structural design of a 2 Tera Instruction Per Second system is discussed.

IEEE Task Force Cluster Computing (TFCC), the new founded TF in IEEE Computer Society regarding Cluster Computing efforts in the world is introduced. TFCC activities which includes:  main and region home pages,  book donation, conference organizing, white pages, mailing list are introduced.  

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