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Iceland Pics

Iceland??  polar bears, whale blubber right??      


Iceland has both a cosmopolitan European city as well as the most awesome countryside I've ever seen!

So... What was I doin' in Iceland??

In 1989 Fridrik Karlsen came to the National Guitar Summer Workshop from Iceland to study with the great jazz guitarist Pat Martino. Much to his disappointment Pat got ill and was not able to teach that summer. So Fridrik ended up taking my class.

At that time he was quite famous in Iceland as well as Europe with 8 albums released on RCA with his jazz/fusion band Mezzoforte. Fridrik is an amazing guitarist so needless to say he kinna shall we say shined above the other students in the class.

Well we hit it off and next thing I knew he was flying me out to Iceland to teach and give seminars in a music school. There were quite a number of talented students there. Things went very well so 2 years later I found myself there again.

Iceland is one of the most beautiful places I've ever been to. Summers are in the 50's-60's with 22 hours of daylight, and winters are in the 20's errr... yup 22 hours of darkness.

Here are a few pics:         Just click on the pics to open them


Fridrik Karlson

  Fridrik.JPG (19464 bytes)

The country side is filled with wild flowers

field.JPG (40294 bytes)

And horses

horses.JPG (18965 bytes)

This shot was taken at midnight

midnight.JPG (15360 bytes)

A statue dedicated to the Vikings

viking.JPG (11770 bytes)

The coast line

shore.JPG (12042 bytes)

A glacier in the distance with steam coming from a hot spring in the foreground

Glacier.jpg (46801 bytes)


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