Harvey's World of Rhyme
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Warlord Child

He was a child of the streets
Victim, victimizer
This child

His was a world of angry nights
Angry, scared,
And wild

He wore the colors of his peers
Feared, respected
Yet reviled

He fought with bats and knives and guns
Dangerous, endangered
Easily riled

His anger ended as it had begun
Sudden, agonizing
The reaper smiled

 Harvey Grund    (c)1999
Parental Angst

He’s a teenager now.
That’s true!
Older, bigger.
True too!

Rude and intractable.
No doubt!
Disrespectful, spiteful
and angry throughout.

He feels he’s outgrown our rules.
Rules made by “old fools.”
Authority’s not in the equation.
We always try and always loose.

Just what’s the genesis of this rebellion?
He’s surely not a bad seed.
He knows he’s still just a boy.
He just doesn’t know what he needs

He needs the old fools’ rules
He needs to respect the past
But most of all, what he needs
He needs a belt across his ass.

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