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by Harvey Grund

This story, titled "Alone", tells the story of a boy who suffers, what to him amounts to be, a major trauma. If nothing else, it illustrates how unique we all are and how (I'm going to get metaphorical now) a bump in one person's road can be equal to an 8-foot wall in another's.

If you want to study the distasteful side of human nature, if you want to get your sensibilities offended, try reading "Loving Sons".
Try this on for size, you're ready to change relationships, tonight is the night you're going to break the news -- your significant other wins the lottery. See what Oscar does in this situation in Best Laid Plans . . ..
This story is something I loved doing -- its a children's story titled . . . And the Children Shall Lead Them. I wrote this as a monthly assignment for the Writer's Loft. Its an educational story, of sorts, about prejudice.

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