Grand daughter of James and Sara Cryan
Daughter of Orly and Ida (Cryan)Staehnke



   I`ve already given what information I have on Danial`s two oldest children(Martin and John who were born in Ireland) So I start with the next in line according to age, and continue along that line ....


   I know very little about Maria,outside of where she appears in the census,although In Morrisburg Canada,There is a Maria Cryan listed as having died 0n Mar.20--1908.. That is very near to where Danial`s Dau.Maria was born,so I always figured they were one and the same.........

Bridget-born -1833--Canada

   Bridget Cryan,married James Sayers--they are listed in the 1871 census--Ontario Canada--Dundas county--Williamsburg twshp.....

name-- ---AGE---born-----Rel-----Origin-----occup Sayers
James ----38 ----USA ----R.C.----Scotch---farmer

Bridget ---35 ----Ont. ----R.C. ----Irish ---

Danial ----16 -----" ------" -----Scotch

William ----15 ----" ----- " ----- --" ----

Catherine --12 -----"-- ---" -------school

Mary --------- 9 ---- " -----" ------ school

John --------- 7 ---- " -----" ------ school


This is the same family,also same location

James -----48 -----USA ----R.C.-- Scotch --Shoe maker

Bridget ---45 ------ Ont ----" Irish ----wife

Danial -----26 -------" ----- "---- Scotch --- -Book keeper

William ----- 24 ------ " ------ " -----" ---- Clerk

Catherine --- 21 -------" ------" ------" School mistress

Mary -------- 18 ------- " " ------" ---

John P. ------17 -------- " -----" -----" --Clerk

Thomas ------ 9 --------- " ------" ----- " ---


   I`ve been in contact with Joe and Maureen McGillis,of Edmonton Canada,,Maureen`s grandmother was Catherine Sayers(Kate) .They gave me some more information on this family.....

   Bridget died in 1900 and James the following year--They are buried near Chesterville Ontario in the McMahon (or Limerick) cemetery..The old cemetery of the Catholic parish..This is in Dundas county Ontario Canada..Their grave is marked with a tombstone.......
   James Sayers father was a Presbyterrian minister.Below is some information about their children------

   Danial,born in 1855, settled in Colorado,U.S. he married(wife`s name unknown) they had no children He had a very successful electrical shop and business

   William,born 1857, (all were born near Chesterville Ont.) also went to Denver.. He studied to become a book keeper and latter an engineer,.... He married Nellie Shevan..Her father is said to have owned the land that early Denver was built on........ Nellie was an Artist.. They had four daughters and one son--Ramona,Margaret Ruth,Mildred,and Edith Lucille. The son was Edward Keating Sayers.......

   Catherine (kate) born 1859,became a teacher and married Hugh McGillis,they settle in Cornwall twshp,Stormont county Ontario..They had nine children one of them (Bernie) was Maureen McGillis and Patricia Quail`s father....Bernie`s wife maiden name was Hilda Tierney-----Maureen`s married name is also McGillis...The two McGillis family are of no or distant relations..

   Mary born,1862,, also married a Joe Alex McGillis A differrent family of McGillis than who Kate Married although they live near Hugh and Kate..They had no children..........................

   John,born, 1863 also was in Colorado, He was killed in a mine shaft accident while he was still in his twenties...............................

   Thomas, born, 1871 becme a teacher in Cornwall,Ontario--He has one daughter still living I`m told,,A very bright lady in her eighties (Kathleen Sayers McGurran.) Living in Barrie Ontario which is near Toronto....

The next child of Danial and Margaret Cryan Was.......

Danial Jr. born 1835

   The only record, outside of the census records,I have of Danial Jr. is what appear`s on the 1921 probate will,(which I mentioned before) and that list`s a daughter Annie Cryan McArdle living in North Stockholm New York...It gives her age as 49 at that time.......

Catherine born 1838

   Catherine Married John Daley (born 1839) I believe the above to be the correct spelling of Daley Mainly because my grand father got a letter from Thomas F. Daley (Catherine`s and John`s son) in 1923, In it he mentioned the recent death of his mother,also it gave his age as 52 years-- Thomas lived at 650 ST.Hubert street Montreal Canada--He listed his children as Joseph 20--Laurence--18---- and Donald--- 13..He also mentioned a brother Dan and a sister Margaret(Maggie) both living in Morrisburgh-

   Thomas was a salesman for a bakery in Montreal The name of the bakery is hard to read,Jas M. Auid or the like.He stated they had 117 wagon`s running daily in Montreal delivering bread.....

In the 1881 census of Williamburg it lists the following..
John Daley-----42


I believe this to be Tom F.Daley and wife in the photo above..

He won't show up in 1901 Census because they did not move to Montreal until abt 1906 - when he starts working for the bakery as he said in the letter.

Info-- Caroline Coligan

Lyle the original scanned 1911 census records actually show the MONTH and YEAR of their births --- and other details.
In the 1911 Census records for Montreal,
Maissonneuve District, District C, Enumeration District No. 86
Living at 177 Lasalle ?Street? Montreal

Tom Daley age 40 born September 1870
Wife Mary age 34 born December 1876
son Joseph age 8 born July 1902
son Lawrence age 7 born April 1904
son Donald age 1 born August 1909
Lists his occupation as a Chef
He is Irish
Wife is Irish working for a Bread Bakery
working 52 weeks a year in 1910 working 60 hours a week
making $1,000 from chief occupation in 1910

Has $2,000 life insurance
Has $40.00 accident insurance
Cost him $26.29 for insurance
Can read Can Write Usual language spoken English
son Joseph in school 10 months of year in 1910
son Lawrence in school 10 months of year in 1910
Looks as an additional occupatio
- looks like seller of land or real estate sales lantre-maitre as other occupation
By 1923 when he wrote your grandfather they had moved to 650 St. Hubert Street Montreal I am fairly sure he has a daughter in 1918 Ondoye who did not live.

Her body is buried with him in the same plot at Notre Dame Cemetary in Montreal. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Info From Caroline Bridget Coligan

Maria or mariah Cryan aged 75 spinster died in Morrisburg Ontario and is buried along with her sister Catherine Cryan Daley and Catherine Cryan Daley's husband John Daley.

Daley's first wife Catherine Barry is also buried there it says so on the tombstones and the St. Mary's cemetary records for Morrisburg are quite well documented online as well.

My name is Caroline Bridget Coligan - daughter of Arthur A. Coligan, son of Thomas Coligan Jr. Thomas Coligan Jr. was married to Margaret Daley daughter of Catherine Cryan Daley

From records it seems that Catherine Cryan lived with her husband and also her spinster sister Miss Mariah and when Daley died Catherine moved in with my Dad's parents (Thomas Coligan and Margaret Daley). You were wondering what happened to Mariah it mentions in your notes.

I also am trying to trace the Coligan lineage backwards also but not having a great deal of success there. I have not gotten back any farther than Thomas Coligan Sr. in fact. My father was the youngest of his generation and with his recent passing last year March 29, 2009 ,at age 93, they are all gone now. I am the youngest of my father's children. I have made great progress on my mother's side of her family (Scottish) and done much better than I ever would have expected though.

....... One of my father's sisters is not buried in Morrisburg, but she was in the Books of who's who in Canada (was the first female director of a hospital) for many many years in Montreal. She was a nun, Sisters of Providence, archdiocese in Kingston, Ontario (when she passed away she was buried in the cemetary in Kington, for priests and nuns). Interesting little quirks to this genealogy searching.


In a will or probate estate of Thomas Cryan Jan.22 1918 the following names appear.

Ellen Cryan Devaull--Austin Cryan--James Cryan--Michael Cryan-- Joseph Cryan--

John Cryan--Michael Cryan--Martin Cryan--Annie Cryan McArdle--Martin Cryan--Margaret Cryan--Mary Cryan--Danial Cryan--Mary Cryan McGovern

Catherine Murphy--Catherine McGillis--Mary McGillis Danial J Sayers--William Sayers--

Catherine Cryan Daley--Thomas D Daley--Danial Daley--Margaret Daley Coligan--another Daley is listed but I can`t make out the first name..

It goes on to say the last named respondents are children of Catherine Cryan Daley..
These two Probate wills and other records can be found at the N.Dak--Sargent county clerk of courts Forman N.Dak.

Honorah Cryan--Born 1845


   I`m not real sure if all this about Annie is accurate,yet several thing`s seem to make it a strong possibility--

The census records have been very hard to make out when it comes to her first name.This information seem`s to tie in with the probate or estate record`s of the Cryan`s,and the location of where some of her children were born..Annie is the last child born of Danial and Margaret Cryan.......

The record below is from the igi file of the latter day saint`s...AS you see her name is spelled Hanorah and no last name is given for her.
All these listed below are the children of Dennis Murphy and Hanorah----------

Nameborn location
Ellen or Nellieabt.1863Canada
Margaret1-23-1867Hancock Michigan
Michael1869Morris Minn.
Mary Ann1871Morris Minn.
Catherine1874Stratford Can.
JamesAug. 1876Stratford
Emily or EmmaDec.1878Morris Minn. Mt. Calvary Cem.
Moriis Minn>
Alice Evelyn 10-17-1881Stevens TWP. Minn.
Rose6-17--1884Morris Minn.
WilliamJan. 1888Morris Minn.