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Tad and Dixie meet for the first time

Tad has been hired by Brooke to find the father of Dixieís baby, and in order to accomplish this, he sets out to befriend Dixie. However, when they actually come face to face, their attraction to each other (not to mention their chemistry) becomes apparent and pretty much blocks out everything else.
Tad, knowing that Dixie needs to pick up her party dress, is hanging around Myrtleís Boutique. When he sees Dixie approaching the entrance, he runs over and makes it so that they run into each other (literally) in the doorway.

Dixie: Iím sorry.

Tad: Iím sorryÖ(pausing, staring into her eyes with a big smile) Heaven help me, Iíve just forgotten every woman Iíve ever met.

T: Are you all right?

D: Yeah, Iím fine, I guess.

T: (starting to flirt) Are you sure? You seem a little wobbly.

D: (smiling shyly, making eye contact only briefly) Oh, no, Iím fine.

T: (flirting shamelessly) Because I wouldnít mind catching you again.

D: No, Iím fine.

T: Well, youíd better take it easy. I mean, I might have stepped on you. (taking her arm and guiding her towards some chairs) Here, come and sit down. (Dixie starts to giggle) As a matter of fact, my fatherís a doctor, and personally, I wouldnít mind examining you.

Myrtle: (reproachfully, but you can tell she finds Tad hilarious and utterly endearing) Tad, do you never stop?

T: Not till the day I die.

D: (smiling at the exchange, which gave her a chance to regain her composure) I donít believe I need a body check just now, Tad.

T: (smiling brightly) Then you remember me?

D: I think Iíve seen you enough times at Nicoís.

T: (turning towards Myrtle with a swagger in his voice) Hear that, Myrtle? Unforgettable as well as incredibly charming.

Myrtle: (grinning) And totally wicked.

T: And a delight to be with. (turning back towards Dixie) As a matter of fact, the answer to a womanís prayers.

D: (quipping) Lord knows which woman.

Myrtle: (interrupting their little exchange) Tad, this young lady is here to pick up her dress for tonightís party, right?

D: Yes. Is it ready?

M: I think it is. Iíll go check.

T: You know, personally, I donít believe in beating around the bush or wasting a lot of time. Can I ask you a personal question? Would you please go out with me?

D: (looking somewhat shocked) Whew, youíre fast!

T: (not deterred in the least, he pushed on) Some place amazing, and preferable sooner than later.

D: (apprehensive) A date?

T: Only the very nervous call it that.

D: I couldnít.

T: AhhhÖ.of course. Silly me, how could I be so stupid? A woman as attractive as you must be spoken forÖmaybe even more than once?

D: Well, hardly.

T: Then just the once?

D: (shaking her head) Not really.

T: (smile brightening again) Then thereís no problem. What are you doing tomorrow night?

D: Well, actually, Iím very busy this week.

T: (perservering) Next week?

D: Honestly, I spend most of my free time studyingóa self-improvement course.

T: (flirty Tad-the-cad-smile) Then give it up. Thereís no way to improve on perfection. You know, Iím very flexible. I can do anything. I can do lunch, dinner, I take walks in the morning, strolls in the afternoon, maybe even a little midnight star-gazing.

D: (starting to look cornered, almost panicky, she stands up and moves slightly towards the door) No, ok? I canít. Donít you get it?

T: (instantly sorry for pushing too hard) Oh yes. One thing Iím not is pushy. Iím sorry I bothered you; I can assure you it wonít happen again. (looking all penitent and apologetic, he gets up to leave)

D: No, wait. (she reaches out to stop him from walking away) Iím sorry, Iím sorry. Itís not you. Itís me. (sorry at having upset him, she tries to explain without giving away the truth) IÖwell, IÖWell, I might as well tell youóeverybody else is going to know sooner or later. (taking a deep breath) Iím pregnant.

T: (very matter-of-factly) You are?

D: And Iím not married.

T: (slightly surprised) Jinkies.

D: So Iím not exactly an ideal choice.

T: (he fidgets, thinking about it) Well, youíre probably hungry.

D: (completely thrown) Huh?

T: Bun in the ovenóyou need food.

D: What?

T: Chow for the bambino. You know, fuel for you. Say no more, Iíve got a solution; I know the perfect place. (Won over by his enthusiam, Dixie finally cracks a smile) A charming little boite, just around the corner. Itís got great food, nice atmosphere. (As heís talking, he herds her out the door) Youíre going to love it.

Myrtle: Dixie, your dress!

T: Weíll pick it up later, Myrtle!

With that, Tad shuts the boutique door firmly behind them. Around the corner at McKayís, Tad and Dixie place their orders and then start chatting and flirting.

D: So, you didnít like California?

T: Well, letís just say it wasnít the right time for me.

D: And what do you do now?

T: A little of this, a little of that. Freelance, mostly.

D: So, you like your work?

T: (cracking a big grin at Dixieís attempts at small talk, they start flirting, and continue to flirt throughout their meal) Yeah, itís alright. But enough about me(cracking a grin) óletís talk about my movies. How did you like my last picture? (Dixie laughs) A little inside humor there. I donít want to talk about me. Me is boring. Iíd rather hear your story. And being a beautiful young woman, I'm sure you have lots of stories to tell. You never knowóI might be able to turn one of those into a movie. Like being raised in Pigeon Hollow, and making your way northÖ

D: People donít want to hear about things like that.

T: Are you kidding? Sure they do. Rural is very big right now. Theyíre remaking Lassieódid you know that?

D: No.

T: Oh, yeah! And the Cooney Family saga might be the next hit TV movie. Or miniseries.

D: For heavenís sake! Everybodyís family history is interesting, but they donít go making movies about it!

T: Youíd be surprised. You like movies?

D: Oh, yeah, I love movies. I love movies, I love booksójust about anything that takes me away.

T: (imitating her southern drawl) Books? (Dixie reaches out and smacks him playfully on the arm for making fun of her) Books? No, no, donít tell me. Romantic stuff. And movies, moviesÖyou like Bogart, Flynn, Tracy & HepburnÖand donít forget Betty Davis.

D: (smiling dreamily, quite impressed) You peaÖhowíd you know all that?

T: Well, you donít look like the "Altered States" type.

D: (confused) The altered what?

T: States. Altered States. (Dixie continues to shake her head, having no idea what heís talking about) Itís a science fiction/fantasy/pop/psychÖstop me before I make a fool out of myself. (Dixie laughs at this, but doesnít stop him) Well, to put it in a nutshell, itís about a guy who traces his roots, you know, back in his family tree, like all the way back to the Mesozoic era.

D: Ohhhh, yes, that does sound familiarÖOr am I thinking of that blind date Will set me up with?

T: Oooooh, that sounds nice. What, did he set you up with some swine?

D: Honey, I have slopped a higher class pig than that one.

T: Suuuuuuueeeeeeyyyyy (Ok, I have NO idea how to spell that, but itís a pig call, the kind farmers use to call the pigs for mealtimeóanyway, Tad starts, and then Dixie joins in) Weíd better keep it down.

D: Oh, sorry. Youíre very good at that. You ever worked with pigs?

T: Iím not sureódim lights can hide a lot. (Dixie laughs hysterically at this, but Tad continues) You think Iím kidding.

D: (regaining her composure) Oh, boy. Itís been a long time since Iíve had anything to laugh about.

T: Oh, yeah? Pretty heavy goings on at the Chandler residence? Well, look at it this wayóat least you get the chance to get out occasionally. And here you are, sitting with Pine Valleyís own raconteur and amateur pig-caller.

D: Whoída thunk it?

T: Indeed, who would have thunk it? So, what do you think of Pine Valley?

D: Oh, itís pretty nice. Itís a lot friendlier than I thought.

T: Well, besides books and movies, what else is there? Say, do you like to bowl?

D: Bowling?

T: Yeah, bowling.

D: I donít know how.

T: Well, Iíd consider it a privilege if youíd let me teach you how.

D: Well, Tad, thatís real sweet, butÖ

T: (cringing jokingly) ButÖ.butÖ

D: (giggling) ButÖweíre sitting here, talking about everything under the sun, and I just keep waitingÖ

T: For what?

D: Well, you havenít said a word about this predicament I find myself in.

T: Why should I? Itís none of my busines. Of course, if you need an ear, if you want to talkÖ

D: Noóin fact, itís a relief not to have to be the main topic of conversation. Itís all anybody seems to want to talk about these days.

With that, the scene fades out. When the scene comes back in, our beloved duo are munching away happily on their lunches, and Tad is fussing over Dixie (isnít he just the sweetest?)

T: Donít play with itóeat it. I want to see you finish that tomato. Youíve got to keep those vitamins circulating in your system.

D: Okay!

T: Okay. And finish your milk. You canít afford to skimp on calciumóit gets depleted very quickly. Did you know that?

D: Alright, alright. (picking up her glass of milk and drinking the entire thing in one long gulp, she then clunks the glass back down on the table in front of Tad) There. I feel much better.

T: Good, Iím glad. You know, I wish I could hang around and make you feel better all day, but unfortunately I canít. Iíve got to get out of here; Iíve got a party to go to tonight. David Rampal, you know him? (Dixie nods, her mouth full) Yeah, heís turning 18 today.

D: I know, thatís where Iím going.

T: Really?

D: Yeah. I didnít really want to go, but Lanie really wanted me there, and then Will joined in the chorus, and there you are. They donít think I get out enough.

T: I agree. Somebody as terrific as you ought to get out of the House of Horrors more often. And if I didnít already have a date tonight, I would insist that you take my arm. And the rest of me.

D: Well that is really sweet, but I donít think you really want to be seen with me. Stuck with me.

T: Stuck? Where do you get this stuff.

D: Well, I meanÖmy conditionÖI wouldnít really want to be stuck with me. Although Iíll admit that you donít seem to be bothered by the shame of it.

T: (getting serious) Let me tell you something. I donít know how much you know about me, but Iím not known as a saint, not around this town anyway. And along with being a raconteur and amateur pig-caller(Dixie starts smiling again), Iím also a master at the fine art of mistake-making. So Iím certainly not going to go casting aspersions on someone as lovely as yourself for making a couple small mistakes.

Dixie smiles gratefully at Tad, and they flirt a little bit more before being interrupted by Dixieís brother, Will, who informs them that he needs to talk to Dixie urgently. Tad gets up to leave.

T: (giving her a very sweet, sincere smile) Thanks a lot. I had fun.

D: (big, slightly flirty and utterly adorable smile) Yeah, me, too.

And thus ended the first encounter between our beloved duo. Thanks to the amazing observation skills of the AMC writing/directorial staff, someone noticed the absolutely amazing, electric and utterly scintillating chemistry between Cady and MEK, and decided to pair their characters romantically, paving the way for years and years of viewer enjoyment, as we watched Tad and Dixie experience the ups and downs of true love!

Thanks to Jessica Guidobono for the use of this transcript.