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Tad and Dixie finally reunite in Napa, 1993

Dixie is talking to Tad about how she lied about her relationship with Ted

Dixie: Sorry, it was one of the hardest things I've ever had to do. I hated doing it.

Tad: Talk about hard. It was everything I could do to just accept it . . .accept it. Every day I kept telling myself that what you needed, you know, what you deserved . . . was happiness. You know, with someone else, and I finally thought you had that with him.

Dixie: I could never be in love with Ted. . . . I already . . .

Tad: Who?!

Dixie: No. It doesn't really matter.

Tad: Yes, no it does matter. No more games. Who is it?

Dixie: You, jerk, . . . who do you think?!

Tad: (Shocked) Oh, . . .boy.

Dixie: I blew you away.

Tad: Yeah.

Dixie: Oh boy. Now I don't know what to say.

Tad: How about "Surprise!"

Dixie: Surprise? Surprise!

Tad: You can say that again.

Dixie: Oh God. You think I'm crazy, don't you? I know all this time I've been telling everyone that you're out of my life and that Ted is the new man. Well, only technically was that true.

Tad: And all this time it's . . .it was . . . me?

Dixie: For what it's worth. Look, don't worry. I'm not gonna go around telling everybody. . . .I'm not going over to Brooke and emotionally throw-up all over her, all right? I know your marriage means a lot to you, . . . and your son. It's one of the reasons I love you so much, you know. It's how much you love your son.

Tad: This is, this is, um . . . I mean, I hear what you say. I, um, I understand the words but I can't, . . . I always . . . I can't believe it. You still love me?

Dixie: I promise you, I'm not gonna say it again. . . .That one's free. You get to keep that one. And I promise you, I'm not going to go in front of your house when we get home, okay? You have my solemn vow on that. And park my car, you know? Or carve your initials in trunks of trees.

Tad: (Still in shock) Just a minute here. You once said one of the reasons you didn't want to come out here was because of Ted. Because you thought he was too dependent on you. . . . The other was me?

Dixie: (Embarrassed) Do we have to get into that?

Tad: Yeah, please.

Dixie: Aw, . . .yes, all right. I didn't want . . .I didn't want to come out here because I didn't think I could handle being in the same room with you. I didn't know what was going to happen, you know. I thought that if I just stayed away everything would just work itself out. I was afraid I would tell you.

Tad: Boy, have we got a problem.

Dixie: No, we don't! Because I'm getting out of here. I'm gonna take a cab and get in a plane and leave.

Tad: No, that's not what I mean. . . The problem is that . . . I still love you, too.

Dixie: (Disbelieving) Me? . . . no. You still love me? . . .No, no that can't be true. (oh yes it can, you ninny!)

Tad: Oh yeah. The fact is, I never stopped loving you. (Leaning closer) Not for one,. . . single, . . . solitary. . . minute. (leaning forward to close the last space, they kiss)

Dixie: Oh, my dear. I can't believe it.

Tad: It's true.

Dixie: After everything we've been through? All the fights? You still love me? (They throw themselves into each others arms)

Tad: I never stopped loving you. I couldn't. (More kissing)

Dixie: Neither did I. . . . Tell me again.

Tad: I love you Dixie. I love you more than anybody I've ever known. (some more kissing) Make love with me Dixie. Please. (even more kissing) I feel like I've been dying for months. Lying to myself . . .

Dixie: I know.

Tad: I tried everything I could think of to get over you.

Dixie: It's a miracle I've lasted this long.

Tad: Nothing worked. It's crazy. Every time I saw you, every time I heard your name, . . . all I could think about was the last time we were together in New York. And how good it felt to hold you, and how good it feels to kiss you. (and yet more kissing)

Dixie: Oh God. It feels so good.

Tad: I swear Dixie, when you walked in that ballroom in New York on Ted's arm I thought I was gonna die of jealousy. I thought I was gonna drop right there. All of a sudden I realized, I wasn't looking at the same woman I'd fallen in love with.

Dixie: Who were you looking at?

Tad: A woman who'd grown, changed. A woman the whole world could fall in love with. I swear, I forgot my name. I forgot what I was doing. It took everything I had just not to stare at you. You know what? All of a sudden I realized it was all my fault, everything. I was looking at the same woman I've always known. The same woman I'd been in love with. I'd been inside your heart before and because of my arrogance I couldn't go back. All of a sudden, I swear I felt as if my life should have been over because you were with him. You were with him. I destroyed everything and it was my choice. I'd lost you.

Dixie: You didn't lose me.

Tad: I can't help it. I swear I want you more now than I have ever wanted anybody in my whole life.

Dixie: Including the old me?

Tad: Yeah. I can't stand it. (He kisses her)

Dixie: (Pulling away) Wait, wait. . . .stop, stop it.

Dixie turns away, and heads for the door, leaving Tad looking crushed. She reaches for the doorknob, then stops. She locks the door, turns around and walks back over to Tad.

Tad: Dixie. . .

Dixie: Shhhh, don't.

Tad: If we . . .

Dixie: Don't. No, . . . no talking.

At this, Tad sweeps Dixie up into his arms and carries her off towards the bedroom.

Thanks to Jessica Guidobono for the use of this transcript.