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Tech Level Benchmarks

    I have asked my players to flesh out some alien species that I rolled up using Aina's Aliengen program. In turn, I have been asked by my players to present benchmarks for tech levels so they have an idea what they are dealing with.
    The following terms are used in the table headings.
    SAGE TL is the tech level for my system. It is loosely based on the 3G3 (Guns, Guns, Guns! 3rd edition) TL scale so I can use the said product to make weapons for my game. The TL of humanity in the game is 14-18.
    Aina's TL is the TL listed on the alien prinouts made with Aliengen.
    Era is the approximate timescale in the Guild Space future history for human development. You will not that the technology-time curve is S-shaped.
    Weapons, Power, Transport, Materials, Biotechnics, and Computer all categories of technological development. Some variance may exist between the TLs in some categories for some races.
Era Weapon Power Transport Materials Biotechnics Computer
1 1 Prehistory Spears Fire Wood
2 1 10000 BC Domestic Animals Stone Herbal Medicine
3 1 3000 BC Swords Bronze Abacus, Geometry
4 2 0 AD Primitive 
Iron Diagnosis of Disease Algebra
5 2 1400 AD Matchlocks Primitive 
6 3 1700 AD Flintlocks Steel Simple Surgery Calculus, 
7 3 1800 AD Precussion Firearms Steam 
Concrete Mechanical Adding
8 4 1900 AD Cartridge Firearms Aircraft, Automobile Antiseptics Relativity, Quantum Mechanics
9 4 1930 AD SMGs Fission Power Stainless 
Mass Vaccination Vacuum Tubes
10 4 1960 AD Light Assault Rifles Orbital and Lunar Flights Virology; 
Transistors, Feedback
11 5 1980 AD Autoburst Weapons Reusable Spacecraft Ceramics Transplants, Primitive Cloning Microchips, Parallel Processing
12 5 2010 AD Caseless Ammo Primitive Fusion SSTO Spacecraft, 
Interplanetary Flight
Bucky Tubes Cloning, Genginerring Optical Computers
13 5 2070 AD Portable Railguns Fusion Power Beanstalks, Fusion Rocket EM Strengthening Anti-Aging Drugs Primitive Nanonics
14 6 2160 AD Laser Weapons Ion Drives "Hot" Superconducters Syth-nerve, Cyberware Quantum Computers
15 6 2280 AD Personal Mobile Armor Microfusion Q-drive Super- permeables 
Medical Nanonics Synaptic Processing
16 7 2430 AD Particle Beam Weapons Thermal Conversion Fusion / Ion Drives Thermelectrics Cryo Suspension Sentient Computers
17 7 2610 AD Gravitic Focused Lasers CNO Catalysis 
Hyperslings Electromagnetic Deflectors Gengineered Symbiotes Ultra Cheap Memory
18 8 2820 AD Antimatter 
Primitive Antimatter Psuedo- Reactionless Drives Stresselectrics Memory Manipulation Intelligence Enhnacement
19 8 3060 AD Advanced Weapons? Advanced 
Force Fields? Massive Bioengineering Sentient Nanonics?
20 8 3330 AD QBH Power? Alcubierre 
Exotic Matter? Bioships Memory Transfer?
21+ 9 ? ? Direct 
Artificial Wormholes? ? Biohabitats?