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The Harlan County Musician's Organization began in December of 1997 in Harlan, Kentucky, when several area musicians thought that it would be good if we could all get together, share ideas, hold workshops, and raise musical awareness in our area. Alot of local musicians were skeptical at first, but when we saw the turn out for our first meeting we knew that there was truly a need for an organization such as this. If you live in Southeast Kentucky, Tennesee or Virginia, stop by and attend one of our meetings! This page will keep members up to date on club activities, meeting dates and so on, see you at the meetings!

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H.C.M.O. Still in existance?

As there have not been any club meetings in several months there is alot of question about whether the club still exists, the answer, yes, in fact. I will hopefully be trying to contact each of you soon to set up our next meeting, so hang in there!

Next Meeting!!!!!!!

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