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On January 7, 1988, I made the decision to murder my infant child.  Her name was Heaven Leigh (Heavenly).  I had an abortion.

Some may say murder is a strong word.  That she was only a fetus.  But I say not.  That child was fearfully and wonderfully made.  Before she was formed in my womb, God knew her.  He sent her here to be a mouthpiece to the nations.

"How do you know this?"  You may ask.

Because God told me, that's how.  Through His word and it doesn't lie.

Right now in America 1.5 million women and young girls are having abortions a year.  I would venture to say there are many that go unreported.  

Many boys and girls whose lives have been taken from them.  Many preachers, prophets, psalmists, evangelists and teachers lives have been cut short due to the lies of the enemy.

I would love to say, "I thought the baby was just a fetus.  I did not know that it was a child."  However, that too would be a lie.  I believed another lie.  I believed it was my only option.

I had a son already who I could barely afford.  I was a single mom.  I knew about adoption.  That wasn't for me.  I could not give up a child after carrying them for nine months.  Another lie from the enemy.

So I chose the lie.  Abortion.  Murder.

Some try to tell us that the baby doesn't feel anything.  There was a study done where they actually video taped an abortion from inside the mother's womb.  It was called,  "The Silent Scream".  The baby made faces, horrible faces.  That of one being tortured.  Nerve endings form 4 weeks into the pregnancy.

I felt pain during the abortion.  Horrible, excruciating pain.   The experts tell mothers now to talk to the babies and to sing to the babies while they are in the womb.  For they understand.  How can they understand one thing and not feel the other.

When Mary and Elizabeth came together in the Bible while they were pregnant, it says that John the Baptist leaped in his mother's womb.  Why?  He knew Jesus was in the room.  You cannot tell me babies do not feel, they do.

We give babies the death penalty everyday in America.  Murder is committed 44,000 times a day through abortion.  Thirty every minute.   All we do is give the murderers a pat on the back, two aspirin and send them home.

The sad thing is, we have in our power the ability to stop these horrendous murders.  What power do we have?  It's their choice.  We have the power of prayer.

How many times have you prayed this week for God to stop abortions this day.  For that matter, how many times this week, this month, this year.  I would venture to say not many.

I  do not believe in murdering or hating the doctors.  I do believe in praying for them.  God said, ..."to love our enemies and to pray for them."

God could change their hearts.  Imagine for a moment, if you will, if 99 percent of the abortion doctors became saved.  Only one percent would be left to commit murder to the babies.

Imagine if we prayed for Congress and 2/3 of them became saved.  Majority vote wins.

We could change the United States through prayer.  Why haven't we seen change?  I believe mostly because we our in sin ourselves.  We are trying to change things in our own strength.  Through picketing and shooting the doctors.  I believe if we turn it back to God, petitioning Him in prayer, we would see change.  I'm not saying He won't command us to picket, to voice our opinion.  But do it in love.  God sent His son to lay down His life for the sinners.

Would you lay down your life for an abortion doctor?

We christians need to change our ways.  We're so quick to judge these people who have abortions and those who perform them, but are we willing to love them and pray for their souls daily.

I made a horrible mistake in 1988.   I cannot change that.  But if I can save one child from the death penalty due to my prayers, Praise be to God!  For my work has just begun.

By:  Tammy        Handle:  Heavenly

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