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This page is dedicated to all you hard working webmasters. If you have a webpage out there that
you have worked hard on, or if you know of a page that you believe deserves an award, you may
submit it here for one of these awards. All sites must be child proof as I will be giving it a link from
this website. And this is a family site.

To submit a website for judging you must hit the email button below and on the email you submit
include all of the items listed below.

1.The name of the Website.
2.The URL of the Website.
3.Contact information, such as a name or handle along with an email address.
4.Also include a description of the website.
5.Commercial sites will be judged separately.
6.Also name of the award you are seeking.

Choose the award below. Please do not put on your site until I reply by email.
I will send you the HTML for award.


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