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Dear Heavenly,

Dear Heavenly is a column I have created to answer questions with biblical answers.  This is something I am going to try for a short period and see how it takes off.  So many times people have questions and know not where to turn.  I am hoping with this column we can turn back to the word of God.

If you have a question you need an answer to and you just can't seem to find it.  Why not send it to Heavenly and see if she can answer your question.

All the questions will be posted to this site along with the answer.  If you would like a private message also, please request it on your email.

As of now, all questions will have to be sent through email.  Hopefully later I will expand into a bulletin board type setting.

Disclaimer:  The answers Heavenly gives are just opinions based on the word of God.  They are not to take place of a doctor, or someone of the clergy.  Please pray about all answers before applying them to your life.