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Games, games and more games!

I searched the Web for hours looking for games for my children.  Truthfully, for the kid in myself also.  I looked for those that were free.  I found out that they call these games freeware.  There are also some here that are shareware.  These are ones you may try for awhile and then pay a (usually) small fee.  I have tried to list as many freeware sites as I could.  Eventually, I would like this whole page dedicated to freeware. (If you have any links that you would like me to add, send them to me through my email.)

Games Center

Games Domain

BU's Interactive WWW games



Sega Online

Some of the games you download will be in what's called a zip file.  Below is links to pages that you can download a program that will unzip these files.  It is not as hard as it sounds.

(I will eventually be putting up a learning site.  Due to the fact it took me forever to learn what all these internet terms were and what they meant.  I will put them in the human language, not computer talk!!!)

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