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I have designed this page because when I first was learning how to create a webpage, everything I read was in computer terms and I was a computer dummy.  So I have designed this page for my fellow computer dummies.  I hope that the information I put here will be of help to you!!!

  1. You will want to either learn HTML (HyperText markup Language) basically a language that tells the computer what you want to put on your page.  Or you will want to download an HTML tool.  A tool that helps you create your homepage.  Two good ones are Homesite 2.5 or AOLpress.
  2. Next you will want to decide what you want your online presence to be.  Decide on a subject or subjects that you want on your page.  Good planning leads to good pages.  Also research other pages, look over there's and get some ideas for your own.
  3. You will also want some graphics for your pages and at the end of the page I will give you some links to free graphics pages.
  4. Now you have to decide how to get your page on the internet.  Some ISP(Internet Service Providers) offer space for your websites.  You can find out by calling and asking how to get them on.  Or if they do not offer webspace then I will lead you to several places that do offer free webspace.  Some even have homepage builders for you.
  5. Then most importantly, once your page is out there you will want people to know your page is out there.  You can do this by letting people know by word of mouth.  But the best way is to advertise and there are many places on the internet to do that for free.

Here are all the links I have gathered for you...

After you have explored these sites, you should be on your way.  If you have any questions feel free to email me.

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