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Basically this is the list o spiffy sites for various people, including a few Chibiusa shrines, a few Usagi shrines, a Shingo shrine and linking to Mama. Look around and thank you for visiting Ikuko! ^_^

Chibi-usa's sweet tooth katagillian's scattered thoughts Beautiful Dreamer, a shrine to Chibiusa Look Out Venus, a venusy shrine senshi hideaway
Bunny's Tour.. Super Informative, and always lots to see. Go look! The Naoko Takeuchi Fan Club! Sugar High

Link to me
linkie button. wanna make one? please do and send it to me!  pretty and simple, no?   made by lauren! love her!
another pretty one by Lauren   and a simplistic one by Lauren.. sophisticated!

mama, my friend..


Abigail's Motoki Shrine.. Spiffy, go see!
usagi and