so now i see through your eyes
Boring old site stuff
Before you have a heart attack and squeal about how unfair I'm being by making you read this policy, and you are reading it aren't you, I'd like to say my peace. I honestly don't care if you take anything off this site, picture wise from the *galleries*. They're yours, barring the stuff I got from and the Hideaway... You should chop those up yourself and credit *them* not me. I don't see this happening, but the pictures I use to decorate my site and have edited myself more than the usual scanning in process [see the index page]are not up for grabs. Whether you think so or not, I spent some time on them, so I'd appreciate it if you didn't 'borrow' them. Okay? Good. ^__^ However if you liked the site's contents enough to use them for yourself, you could at least shove me on your link list. That always makes me feel useful, even if I'm between a broken image and a site that's been dead for sixty billion years. ^^ I do have some loverly linking buttons if you like that sort of thing.
If you'd like to contribute anything at all, fan art, new images, your thoughts, screaming flame mail, please feel free. I always try to reply within a week (sometimes i'm only on long enough to check a few a day). I will get back to you, hopefully. Oh! One last thing, don't take my words themselves, okay? Not that anyone would, being sensible people, but I worked on Ikuko-mommy's shrine all by myself and I'd appreciate that being left to me. Thankies!
mama, my friend..