i never thought that you would become the friend i never had Boring old site stuff

Mama: a shrine to Tsukino Ikuko was created the Thanksgiving weekend of 1999 when Impy realized there was a great lack of Ikuko support anywhere that she could find. The exact date is unknown, only that the weekend would be November 24-29th.
All htmling lovely things were created using a mind, too much free time, and two hands. Nothing special, obviously. All manga graphics scanned by Impy, and edited by her as well, using various boring programs.
Mama uploaded and ready to go Monday November 29th, 1999.
And yes, Mama does reffer to the song, Mama, by the spice girls. *heheh* So there's a slight theme going on with L.o.v. also inspired by a Spice Girls song.

all that you did was love