A mother's love: Usagi:

Look! Ikuko isn't in an apron! *WOW*    Ahhh... the star of the show finally decides to grace us with her presenance. For the majority of the show and manga, Usagi is at odds with her mother. This is fairly realistic since most teenagers/young adults go through a stage where they defy their parents, especially their mother. Anyway, Usagi tends to whine and complain about having to do the littlest thing for her mother, whether it's cleaning or being nice to Chibiusa.
   However, Usagi realizes as her mother and Chibiusa grow closer that she misses her mother's special attention on her. She's jealous of Chibiusa [even more so] and how she seems to be taking over her place in everyone else's lives and Ikuko-mommy realizes this and tells Chibi-usa as much. Usagi even tells her mother that she hates her *sniff* but Ikuko is smart enough to realize this is not the truth and rather Usagi acting out.
baby usagi! cute!    Ikuko's dream is to see Usagi grow up properly and be happily married [in a beautiful dress no less!]. Usagi and Ikuko are a lot a like; both like to escape reality, each has a giant sweet tooth [how else do you explain all the junk food around the house for Usagi to eat? Her mother has to like at least some of it!], both are prone to attacks of immaturity [she throws her daughter out for getting a bad grade!], and neither appears to be that great in the mathmatical department.
   Ikuko also desperately wants to meet Usagi's boyfriend properly and for him to come over for dinner. In one of the saddest moments in BSSM history [dubbed or otherwise]:
Usagi walked down the street and wandered into a telephone booth. She crouched down and started crying.
"I'm sorry, mother. I can't bring Mamoru home any more."