ikuko's photo album

Mizuno Ami, the smart one
Ami is one of Usagi's smartest friends. Sometimes I wish that would rub off on Usagi -_-

Crazy Aino Minako
Minako... one of Usagi's more insane friends but there's something about her that you can't help but love

Hino Rei, the Priestess
Rei... She's so elegant and classy.. and yet sometimes she lets loose. I think Usagi and Rei need one another

Kino Makoto
Makoto the motherly tomboy.. I'm glad Usagi has a strong friend like her

Chiba Mamoru. Usagi's beloved
Mamoru... He's so handsome, don't you think? And so protective of our Usagi ^^

Haruka looking so serious
Another tomboy friend of Usagi's.. Haruka doesn't always look quite so serious though.

Michiru, the talented princess
Michiru.. she's so talented in everything she does... Usagi is in awe of her ^^

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