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The    Krazy    Wacky    Kid    Named    Justin

Hi , My name is Justin. I live in Waco, Texas, and I go to school at Hillcrest PDS. I am in the fifth grade, and I am in an advanced class. My teacher's name is Mr. Carpenter. My favorite subject is Math, and I bet yours is not!!! When I am not in school, I like to ride my bike. That's mostly what I play with. I like my bike;I got it for Christmas. One time when it was icy and snowy,(which is rare for Texas) I slammed on my brakes and slid on my bike. I thought this was sooo cool. I also play on a football team where I live. I'm the running back, cuz I'm so fast. We played five games and won four of them. I also like soccer. I used to play for HOT soccer. I got two trophies and when I was in the original class I showed the people in my class my trophies. I like to go to the skating rink, and rollerblade real fast.(Even faster than my daddy) I played baseball and I got three trophies that looked like me hitting a baseball. I like pizza, nachos, spaghetti, lasanga, and my favorite vegetable is green beans. I like cookies and cream ice cream with coke or root beer. I go to Praise Temple Assembly of God in Waco. I like to visit my Aunt in Dallas, and my cousins Austin and Hailey. My birthday is June 14, please send gifts... If you still want to know MORE about me, e mail me at the address below... Enjoy your visit at Justin's Wacky World.

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