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Stone Cold Steve Austin's Biography

REAL NAME:  Steve Williams 
HEIGHT:  6'2 
WEIGHT: 252 lbs. 
HAIR COLOR:  Well, he has no hair, but he's  naturally blonde.
RESIDES IN:  Victoria, TX 
MARITAL STATUS:  He's divorced now, but I don't know anything about him being involved in any relationships.
KNOWN AS: Stone Cold Steve Austin (duh)
FORMERLY KNOWN AS:  Stunning Steve, Superstar Steve Austin, Ringmaster

     Steve Williams played High School football and earned a scholarship, but he went to work at the loading dock of Texas, he had nothing else to do, his scholarship ran he decided to try out pro wrestling.  He attended Chris Adam's wrestling school, and then went to WCW he was known as Stunning Steve Austin.  He stayed there for quite a while he was managed by Lady Blossom (Jeanie Clark), and he was also in a tag team with Brian Pillman and they were called The Hollywood Blonds (I believe.) Then after a while he tore ligaments in his left knee and was out for a while..but he went back to work before he was supposed to.  Then after a while, he tore his tricep, and his arm wasn't healing too fast so according to him he was fired from WCW for that reason, but Eric Bischoff claims that it was a lack of communication with the company..Steve disagrees with that. 
     Steve then went to work at ECW, there he was known as (I think) Superstar Steve Austin, but he wasn't there long before the WWF recruited him, he was known as ringmaster..then he just happened to be watching a HBO special on Serial Killers and thought of a persona..the kind of guy who didn't care about anyone or anything, a rude, foul mouthed guy, who just hated everyone, mad at everything and just life in general.  And going by what he said on some late night show I watched, this is how I know I am telling you the truth in this so you better believe it.  He was worrying about what to call himself and his wife said "Drink your tea before it gets Stone Cold"  (She's English) and there it was....Stone Cold Steve Austin!! 
    Now, I am sure you are all wondering how he came up with Austin 3:16..well, he had a friend and it was like something to do with the Bible, he I think accidentally said Austin 3:16 instead of John 3:16 and it just stuck with him.  Austin shaved his head after seeing Bruce Willis in PulP Fiction (I believe) Bruce had his head shaved and I guess it fit Austin's persona real well or something so he did that. 
    Someone told Austin that his merchandise wouldn't sell because he was too trunks, black boots..but the person what WRONG!!!  Stone Cold has outsold probably everyone in the WWF..and is probably the most popular Superstar as well.