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Mot the Martian Baby

"This is the planet Mars. In the summer of 1954, this planet passed extremly close to Earth, so close that a cosmic force was disturbed and a baby intended for Earth was delivered to Mars, while a Martian baby went by mistake to Earth."

The baby martian, was Mot, and he ended up in the care of Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur in the 1956 cartoon "Rocket-Bye Baby" directed by Chuck Jones.

Rocky and Mugsy

Rocky and Mugsy were the duo of gangsters who would appear in a few classic cartoons directed by Friz Freleng. Rocky, the short tough-guy gangster wasn't always seen with his goofy sidekick, Mugsy. In "Golden Yeggs" (1950) he had a gang, but no Mugsy. This was followed by "Catty Cornered" (1953), where Rocky's sidekick was Nick (pictured above). Mugsy would appear as Rocky's sidekick in "Bugs and Thugs" (1954), "Bugsy and Mugsy" (1957), and "The Unmentionables" (1963). Mugsy would appear without Rocky in "Napoleon Bunny-part" (1956) as one of Napoleon's guards.

An earlier version of Rocky and Mugsy can be found in the 1946 cartoon "Racketeer Rabbit", where the two gangsters are Rocky and Hugo. Rocky was a caricature of movie gangster Edward G. Robinson, and Hugo a cartoon version of Peter Lorre.

The Two Crows

Jose and Manuel were the two slow-witted Mexican crows who appeared in two cartoons directed by Friz Freleng: "Two Crows from Tacos" (1956) and "Crows Feat" (1962). Manuel (the skinny crow) would appear a few years later in a Daffy Duck/Speedy Gonzales cartoon as the Loco Crow in "Chili Corn Corny" (1965).

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