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Welcome to the amazing, all new, all singing, all dancing, Looney Tunes musical extravaganza on the WWW. The following files require RealAudio RealPlayer 3.0 or better. They utilize HTTP Pseudo-streaming for real-time playback. These files require RealPlayer 3.0 (or higher) and a 28.8 Kbps or faster connection.

1930s Musicals!:

  • Ham and Ex sing "I Haven't Got a Hat" from the 1935 cartoon (or Download as a local file).
  • "Out Digging Gold for Matilda" from "Gold Rush Daze" (1939) (or Download as a local file)

    By Popular Demand!:

  • Owl Jolson sings "I Love to Singa" from the 1936 cartoon (or Download as a local file).
  • Red Riding Hood sings "Five O'clock Whistle..." from "Little Red Riding Rabbit" (1944) (or Download as a local file)

    Musical Mice!

  • A musical highlight from 1941's "We the Animals, Squeak" (or download as a local file).
  • "Under the Shade of the Apple Tree" from "The Night Watchman" (1938) (or Download as a local file)

    Daffy sings!:

  • "Danny Boy Scat" from "Book Revue" (1946) (or Download)
  • "My Little Buckaroo" from "The Daffy Duckeroo" (1942) (or Download)
  • "I'd Be Famous On the Screen" from "You Ought to Be in Pictures" (1940) (or Download)
  • "The Gaucho Serenade" from "Mexican Joyride" (1947) (or Download)

    That's All, Folks!...will there ever be another LOONEY TUNES Musical?? Mmmmmmm..... could be....

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