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IRISH POP ONLINE:: The front page, and full list.
An EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW with Dove:: from backstage at the '97 Castlebar Beat On the Street!!!
ANOTHER EXCLUSIVE INTERIVEW with DOVE:: April 23rd 1998 in Galway.
The Dove Story--From Dubh to Dove!!!: How they got together and their quest for world domination!!!
Discography--: Past singles and Concerts, etc!

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DOVE!!!!--they won't dry your skin like other pop bands!!!!(quote from Graham Cruz!)

Dove are (l->R) Don Ade, Hazel Kaneswaren, and Graham Cruz, and together they form one of Irelands coolest young bands. Their latest single is called DON'T DREAM, and its in the shops w, so what are you sitting there on the internet for????? Go out there and buy it NOW, PRONTO!!!!!! Their music is a cross between hip hop, rap, and pop and finally they will unleash themselves upon the British market!! So far, they have already clocked up massive hits in Ireland--with their latest hit " Don't Dream" (A cover of the Crowded House classic) reaching No.6 in the charts. Dove have many fans all over the world--Incuding MEAT LOAF--who gave a copy of their single "Don't Dream" to Debbie Harry of "Blondie" fame, and told her she HAD to listen to it, it was so good!!!!!! Their single " DON'T DREAM" is in the shops NOW --so watch out for it--and remember--these guys and girl will go FAR!!!! Read all about Dove's history, discography, and EXCLUSIVE interviews-- HERE, only on IRISH POP ONLINE!!!!! To find out where you can find DOVE appearing, check out the DOVE STORY link where there is a list of dates! ******************************************************************** Dove are said to be stunned and delighted after receiving 3 nominations for this years prestigious Hot Press Awards. The group who are currently making waves in the UK with their single “Don’t Dream” were shocked when they heard that they had received the same amount of nominations as international supergroup U2. Dove have been nominated in the categories for Best Single, Best Pop Group and Best New Act.Rapper Don Ade was in jubilant form on hearing the news. “Three months ago I was on the dole and feeling quite low. Since then I have signed a record deal, become a father and now the band are nominated alongside groups like U2 and The Corrs”. The Hot Press Awards will be held in Dublin on October 7th and the televised event will be presented by Ulrika Johnson and music guru, MikeEdgar.