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At 18, Danny O Donoghue is the youngest member of My Town, and is also
 the latest addition to the band to complete the final line up of

He is from the North Side of Dublin, and has been dancing and singing
 for years. Danny was a member of DIGGES LANE, a popular Dublin dance
 school which has turned out many of Irelands hot new stars!!!

 Danny had a part in the Tv series " Finbars Class", and was in a 
 number of bands before he joined  MY TOWN. (One of which was FRENDZ- 
 also part of the Irish Pop online pages) 

Danny is able to put his hand to  nearly any instrument you hand him!!
If it makes noise, Danny O Donoghue will be able to play it!!!
He has also been writing songs since he was 12, making him an all
 round talented musician!!!

Any further gossip and news about Danny will be added to this page 
as it emerges!!!