3D Tek Information Systems, Inc.

* Specialized Information Technology Staffing Company *
Contracts /
Project Assignments / Permanent / Telecommute Positions Nationwide

* Pick &  Pick-Like Basic, Unidata, UniVerse, D3,  jBase, SB+, Masterpack *
* REDBACK, Visual Pick, Prime Information, Revelation, Reality *
* AREV, OpenInsight, Ultimate, Uni-basic, Topic, RDMS, MultiValue *
* ULT Plus, V-Mark, R83, R91 Uni-basic, wIntegrate, Mentor, AP Native, AP/Pro *

* Business Basic, BBx, BBj, Thoroughbred Basic, MAI BasicFour, ProvideX *
* Dartmouth Basic, Data General, BASIS, MAS90, Nomads II, WindX *
* FACTS, EDI, TakeStock, DMAS *


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