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            noha: islam online
  i have added nasir zaidi nohay to the site, with more coming!! here is the upcoming list of the noha khoan i will be adding in the next while...:
  • hasan sadiq
  • sajid hassain
  • more nasir zaidi
  • more khurram irfan
  • nadeem sarwar.

    nasir zaidi
    new nohay from 1999

    khurram irfan
    new nohay from 1999

    hasan sadiq
    probably one of the most famous noha khoan of the 90's.

    nadeem sarwar
    everyone knows this guy

    sajid hussain
    he's not so famous, but sajid hussain and anjuman-e-tanzeemul-panjitani have some really good nohay.

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