La    Libertad    es    de    Oro

Welcome to my page! :-) That's spanish by the way.. it means "Freedom is Golden". I wanted to do this page so I could show people some of my poetry....sounds kind of stupid, but all the more reason to write it!:-) So click around and have fun! Love, Jessica

Aside from just having my poetry on this page, I want yours too! If you have a poem that you want me to put on my page, I'll gladly do it.. giving you full credit, of course! (c:=I realize that I said that I would put info up on my favorite musicians, but I also realized that that would take a lot of time to organize and keep updated--time that I don't have. I would love to do this if I had the time, but with guard, school, work, and everything else I just don't have time. I do apologize for those of you who were looking forward to this, if there were any of you. So, I guess this will just be a page for poetry. Sorry about that. Love, Jessica

Poetry: here is where you can read my poetry,, and yours as well
# 13: A question easily answered!
Peggy's Page of Peggy and her Poems and Stuff!: This is my friend, Peggy's, awesome page! You should definately check it out!
Megan's webpage: Do you like Sandra Bullock? Then you should definately check out this page!
Josh's spiffy page: ok, I probably could've called it something other than "spiffy", but I couldn't think of anything else! anyway.. his page has some cool music to go along with it
Spice Girls and Rollercoasters Info Page: This is my friend, Amir's, webpage. It's pretty cool.. I guess (Just kidding!) But he just told me that he's taking off all the Spice Girls and just making it a Mel B. worship page, so... beware! lol.
Andrea's Home Page: This is Andrea's page.. I didn't really want to put it on here, but ya know. It's only fair cause she put my page on hers... I'm just joshin' ya! It's a really good page. You should definately check it out!
Moetry: This is a page like mine... except I'm missing the music part.. heh heh.. minor difficulty. ANYWAY!! Look at her page, it's really good!

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