Infiltration of Greeville County Police

As an added problem to the Bob Jones dilema, it is a little know fact that Bob Jones has an armed security force of their own people. Behind the walls and bullet proof glass on Wade Hampton Blvd. in Greenville resides the Bob Jones Security force. The scarry thing about this is that to obtain a gun license, the group has its guards join the Greenville County Sheriffs dept. so that they may be allowed to carry a weapon. This does two things: it is a cheap way to obtain the permit and presents the front of "service to the comunity". However - i feel that this presents a conflict of intrest and a source of danger for the area. While I do feel that they have the right to arm themselves, the fact that they are becoming "reserve deputies" to do this presents an uneven power for the group which could endanger the county. This is not to say that any or all of the people which serve on the reserve police from Bob Jones are evil ( they may well be the best and most honest on the force ) BUT it does allow a chance for domination should a more dangerous mindset be taken by the school ( remember the horrible outcome of Jonestown when they felt that their seperatist way of life was being endangered ...). This is presented just as food for thought and something for the NAACP members who frequently protest the schools race policy to think about when in Greenville.

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