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How Do I Become a Witch?

There are two basic ways to become a witch. The first is to find a coven. This is difficult since most don't advertise or mass recruit. The first step is to find another witch who is a member of one. After they get to know you, this person may recommend you for membership. This is not done lightly. You must be considered the right type of person for the group. Next, they will probably limit your activity with the group during a trial period. These trial periods traditionally last a year and a day, but this may vary. If this group and you mesh well, you may be given the opportunity for full initiation.

Remember that this is a very close knit group. If the coven is a good one, they are probably closer knit than many families. If you fail to get even recommended for membership, don't dispair. It doesn't mean that you are not right for the Craft or even another coven. Would you just take anyone into your family? It has nothing to do with you personaslly, it is just chemistry. Also remember that covens are like people, some are good and some are not. Please read the section on 'What is Witchcraft' on our home page. What we said about some people, who claim to be witches, would also apply unfortunately to some covens.

The other way is far easier. Study the subject by reading books. We have some on our Suggested Reading List. If you go to our list, and read the general information books in the first section, you should get a good idea if Witchcraft is for you. If it is, or you are still not sure, read the books in the second section for beginning witches. After a couple of them you should be sure about your decision. The books in this section not only have self-dedication rituals, but all the other celebratory ceremonies you will need. They are all great if you are working alone. After your self-dedication, you are a witch.

If you have a friend who will be working with you, some of these books, such as Buckland's Complete Book of Witchcraft, have rituals for both the solitary witch and the small group. Any of these can be adapted to use in any way. Remember that it is what feels right to you.

Remember that for most people, Witchcraft is a religion. Don't take becoming a witch lightly. Read all you can. Try some of the ceremonies. If you know a witch, ask if you could attend a celebratory circle. Remember that many people will think horrible things about you if they find out you are a witch. You will either have to live with this, as many of us do, or remain secretive about your practices. We call this remaining in the broom closet. This is not something you do because you can get back at the boyfriend who dumped you. Do this for the right reasons. If you read these pages, a few books from the reading list, and visit a couple of our links, you should begin to understand what the right reasons are.

There are some people who use the same type of magic that we do. They just don't observe the religious portions. These people sometimes also call themselves witches. While I've heard of this, I've never actually come across someone who did this. See the books in the Suggested Reading List for more information on this. In particular read Scott Cunningham's The Truth about Witchcraft Today.

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