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  MARGARITAVILLE The 'Ville Ochi is a high-energy bar & grill, providing all-day family fun and nighttime entertainment. Features include a rooftop whirlpool tub, a 2-story 100 foot long waterslide that soars above the main bar and plunges into the freshwater pool below and 3 bars, including a swim-up pool bar.
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THE RUINS RESTAURANT AND WATERFALLS A former sugar mill built in the 1800s; this restaurant boasts waterfalls and a covered bridge as part of its decor. This popular restaurant is also one of Ocho Rios' best-known attractions. The main dining area is in back, with its raised wooden deck encased by pools of water and vegetation growing on the walls. Soft lights and paper lanterns lead you down the path within the dining room, which is often filled with hungry diners in awe of their eco-environs. On the menu you'll find typical Chinese fare, Jamaican options as well as an extensive list of vegetarian dishes.
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THE ALMOND TREE RESTAURANT The Almond Tree Restaurant - 974-2676 -- Save this for a special night out. This restaurant is very expensive, but offers a large menu of international cuisine. Located just to the right of the Carib Beach condos overloooking the Caribbean Sea. Sit beneath the almond trees and enjoy a romantic meal with the one you love.

Enjoy fine dining in Ocho Rios, Jamaica in the setting of an authentic 1860's Gingerbread house with wooden floors and mahogany bar. You can enjoy lunch or dinner indoors or outdoors, on our verandah overlooking the cruise ship piers and Ocho Rios.
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This restaurant serves a range of seafood dishes and is frequented by both locals and visitors. Its specialty is freshly cooked dishes to order. Open daily for early lunch and dinner.
On the Ocho Rios bypass road, Ocho Rios. Phone 876-795-3149
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Fisherman's Beach is Ocho Rios' version of Helshire Beach in St. Catherine or Little Ochi in St. Elizabeth. Bluntly put, no other place in Ocho Rios offers quality authentic Jamaican seafood. Whether you are a lobster, crab, fish, conch or sea-cat lover, Fisherman's Beach is definitely the place to go. Nestled neatly between the Island Village Shopping Centre and the Reynolds' Pier, it has come a long way in its aesthetic appeal to visitors.


This breezy, inexpensive diner serves Jamaican and American breakfasts, as well as calamari, chicken wings, some Italian dishes and pizza. Daily 9 am-10 pm. 50 Main St. (opposite the Renaissance Jamaica Grande), Ocho Rios. Phone 876-974-0197.
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There are a lot of tourist places to eat, but if you want to enjoy
Jamaican food and save money, try these places.


Off Main Street, near Carib Beach. Don’t let the looks keep you out. Best food at the best prices. We suggest the fried chicken (Jamaican style) with peas and rice. (Ask for the small portion.) Also the Jamaican tacos, one usually fills you up. The ‘Today Specials’ are on the blackboard.


BiBiBips - 974-1287. This restaurant can be seen from the Carib Beach, the set of stairs winding along the cliffs next to the Catholic Church. This is a place for individuals or groups to gather and enjoy a fun-filled lunch or dinner overlooking the Caribbean Sea. Their menu includes an array of dishes as well as local offerings.

  COCONUT’S RESTAURANT Coconut’s Restaurant - Situated on Main Street, just a short walk from Turtle Beach Towers. This restaurant is new to the island within the lat year and has made a great name for itself very quickly. Here you can enjoy a variety of meals fixed to your specifications -- from a snack to a delicious evening dinner. Every dish we have tried has been to our liking. Reasonably priced.

  MOTHER’S RESTAURANT Mother’s Restaurant is a fast food restaurant very similar to a McDonald’s. Not only do they offer hamburger and chicken on the menu, but also offer the pattie meal. If you haven't had a Jamaican beef pattie, you should really try one (we like them with cheese.) A cold drink and a beef pattie makes for a wonderful lunch.
  CAFE MANGO Cafe Mango is an outdoors restaurant located in the center of Ocho Rios. They are best known for their American-style breakfasts and pizza. We usually enjoy our Sunday morning breakfast here where the pace is laid-back and enjoyable.

  PEARL’S LEAF OF LIFE Phone # 974-5949 - Pearl’s is a local bar that serves cold Red Stripes or box drinks. If you enjoy people watching, stop by Pearl’s for a favorite cold drink and enjoy watching the varied events that take place here on Main Street. From Carib, turn left then go about one city block -- Pearl’s is to the left side of the street.

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