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Brent & Dottie Rambo

Brent with Kenzie Jenkins ( 5 soccor player ) Carlee Jenkins (8 cheerleader
"Bear" Brent's watch dog who eats like a horse
Brent sings with his brother Brad at SGMA of TX convention
Justin graduates finally & is headed to OBI Bible College.
Justin, Brent, Kerri & Rebecca Kirkland

I call that an airplane engine!
Brandon Gregg, Brent Gregg, Air Show 2001
Uncle Kennett treated Brent to the Air Show. Cousin Brandon & Brent
Brent, Young Singer and Justin in Florida
Nascar Kevin Harwick's rig was at the same motel as we were. Brent by rig.
You can see the top of Justin's and Brent's head when they raced by in go-carts.
Justin & Brent at Opryland Hotel. It was Justin's first visit.
Brent, Justin, Nella going into the famous Gibson Bluegrass Cafe & Showcase in Nashville, TN
Brent filling in for Hendrix Trio in NM
Bobby, Rhonda & Brent
Last tire to change on old trailer. Brent's work is never done.