August 2003 Newsletter for Supporters of Jenkins and Company

Howdy all!
Things have pretty much slowed down (as far as singing) since our trip. However, we have been busy around here. We hosted our July 4th celebration, July 3rd. We had around 50 and a wonderful fire popping hot time! Plan to be with us next year. Shown here are Brent and Kennett shooting them off Brent’s balcony while we tried to stay out of the way!
That Friday night, we sang at a benefit for Amber Nicole. We enjoyed the Splawns, the other group and little Sarah, 6 years old. She sang “Traveling Shoes” with us, and sang my part. Everyone loved it!
Sunday AM found us at Sanctuary of Praise with some of our favorite people in White Settlement, TX. They always take good care of us. Since it was the July 4th week end, I read the “Star Spangled Banner” story. They loved it.
Sunday PM was spent singing at Bro. Reed’s church. Jimmy Reed, the music minister, does our professional pictures. He is crazy, but knows his business!
We left for Georgia to sing at Fredonia’s Campmeeting Friday and then Bro. Kiker’s in Alabama, Saturday. He & Brent hooked up an outdoor speaker, and one man, who was drinking, drove by, came back, stopped, and listened to “There’s a Cross Standing in Your Way”. We hope and pray he has accepted the working of the Spirit and is now a child of the King.
Sunday morning, we were on two radio stations in Lanette, AL. We sang a Capella song and the station owner, who is not a Christian, loved it. We then ran to New Life in time to sing for Bro. Ward Doss. The church is a historical landmark, and has beautiful stained glass windows.
July 13th Sunday evening, we sang for Bible Fellowship in GA. WSSA radio is there and they play our music. One of Brent’s good friends, Sam St Cyr, lives there and we spent 2 nights while they ran the roads. The church put us up in a motel for 2 nights. Sam and his sister, Leah, run the radio station and took time to pose for this picture with Brent and me. An old friend that we have not seen in 30 years, Debbie Stone, came to see us that night.
This last weekend, we sang at Brent’s home church, Evangel Assembly of God. We had a wonderful service, with several standing in for the prayer of healing. They loved our new songs. We are hoping to record this fall, if the money comes in from prepays and support gifts. We are so thankful for all of you who have helped in this matter.
Thanks to all our Project Sponsors. I am updating the list of names now and will print them next time!
Love you all,
Nella, Angie, Brent
NellaJenkins Sisters & Co

July 4th at JSC ranch
Pastor Ward and family
WSSA radio, Sam and Leach St Cyr