New Beulah Land
Lord Lift Me Up
Tears Will Never Stain the Streets
Old Time Feeling
God of the Impossible
Overwhelming Evidence
Here I Am
Thread of Hope
Victory on the Other Side
Book of Life
Miracle in me
Storehouse of Plenty
Cross Standing in the Way
Come, Let's Praise the Lord
He Touched Me
Calling His Name
Jesus You're Everything to Me
Keep the Peace
What Ya Gonna Do?
Don't Put Out the Light
Shine On Through Me
Come Out With Your Hands Up
Offer Still Stands

Heavenly Father
Heaven Will Be A Reality
Where We'll Never Die
Water In The Well
When We Pray
Who Did He Die For
Who Did He Die For (Repeat)
John Saw
El Paso Story
It'll Be Worth It After All
Sailing On Home
Marriage Supper
Drop To A Flow
Vessel of Clay
I'm Running On

Sin Died Here
Come & Dine
My Guilt Is No Match For God's Grace
You Gotta Choose
God Sent Angels
Heaven Will Be A Reality
Please Forgive Me
There's Still Water In The Well
The Wait Is Almost Over
Amazing Grace
I'm Running On
  • SIDE 1
  • 1. New Beulah Land
  • 2. Book Of Life
  • 3. What Ya Gonna Do?
  • 4. Calling His Name
  • 5. Offer Still Stands
  • 6. Old Time Feeling
  • SIDE 2
  • 1. Lilies
  • 2. Here I Am
  • 3.Lord Lift Me Up
  • 4. Shine On Through Me
  • 5. Storehouse Of Plenty

The Jenkins Sisters& Company
1. Guiding Me  MP3
2. The Most Exciting Thing
3. Mount Calvary
4. Hand Delivered Grace
5. Traveling Shoes
6. Close To Thee
7. My Rock
8. Born To Win
9. If I Met Every Need
10. Forgiven, Forgotten, Forever
11.I Feel Like Traveling On

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