India Online Journal, November 2001 INDEX
Author: Jennifer Kumar

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Hello web browsers and friends. In November 2001, I spent a month in India to finish my exams and visit and celebrate Diwali, please join me in my experiences.

The purpose of this index page is to list a contents of all journal entries and give a brief note on each day so browsers know what they are getting themselves into! ;-)**

Day 1 -- Landing in India, again! Tips on airports -- especially foreign exchange.
Day 2 -- Everyday stuff in Tambaram.
Day 3-- Photos in market.
Day 4-- Going to East Tambaram.
Day 5-- Anna Nagar and Spencer Plaza.
Day 6 -- Hanuman Temple
Day 7 -- Formalities of Studying in India & Sari shopping tips
Day 8 -- Going to College -- tips on going by autorickshaw
Day 9 -- A few recipes
Day 10 -- Writing exams.
Day 11 -- Meeting classmates.
Day 12 -- Learning about Arranged Marriages
Day 13 -- One more exam to go! Tips on dealing with mosquitoes.
Day 14 & 15 -- Diwali 2001
Day 16 - Nothing to post.
Day 17 -- Kanchipuram, Day 1, Sri Varadharaja Swamy Temple
Day 18 -- Kanchipuram, Day 2, Sri Kacchapeswarar Temple
Day 19 - Kanchipuram, Day 3, Full day of rest. Nothing to journal!
Day 20 -- Kanchipuram, Day 4, Kamakshi Temple, Ulagalandal (Vishnu) Temple, Sri Chithraguptar Temple, Sri Karumariya Amman Temple.
Day 21 -- Kanchipuram, Day 5, Ganesh Temple, Sri Vashakkarutheswara Temple, Sri Kumarakottam Temple
Day 22 -- Kanchipuram, Day 6, Ekambaranathar Temple, Sri Shankara Mutt
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