Saputara, Hill station in Southern Gujarat, India
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Submitted by Ajoy, posted October 2006

Saputara colloquially means the abode of the Serpents. It is a planned hill station near the southern end of Gujarat state. It is located at 20° 34’44”North and 73°44’50” East, height is about 900 meters above sea le vel. It is part of the northern end of the Sahiyadri Mountains also known as the Deccan Plateau.

This place is about 80kM from Nashik city, from where we started our journey. This was the month of December, the weather was nice and cool with the warm sun shinning. The journey took us through lovely fields and with low mountains in the backdrop. The road which connect to the smaller towns in India are narrow and wide enough to allow two vehicles, one going up on the left and the one coming down to the right.

We hired a Van and it took us about 2 hours to reach this place. We left Nashik early in the morning at about 8am and were at the destination by about 10 am. There is a very nice restaurant run by the Gujarat tourism department where we had a hearty breakfast. Then we went for a ride in the cable car which link two hills, the fun part is basically the ride, one gets a nice we view of the surrounding hills and a large lake.

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