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Polo R VII Schools
300 School Street
Polo, Missouri 64671
(660) 354-2326

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  2000 ~ 2001
This Page was last updated 10/13/08

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Sports Page - Prom 2k - Calendar

Board of Education

Marla Barnes, Mitzi Brassea, Max Hicks, Ed Howell, Ralph Zeikle,
Diane Parker, Wally Aubrey, Kim Thompson, Aaron Tucker.

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Gerald Snodgrass

Elementary: Beverly McQueen ~~ Highschool: Robert Newhart

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Kim Thompson
Bonnie Roberts
High School Secretary
Kim Tempelton
Elementary Secretary

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Cooks Teachers Aids Custodians
Cheryl Weisgerber
Tina Bell
Samara Wormsley
Lynnette Zinna
Peggy Woodard
Amy Bales
Rita Cox
Martha Sue Crist
Arlene Johnson (PAT)
Rita Gorham
Peri Whitmer
Dan Spidle
Gary Pollard
Don Vier
Brenda Carr

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Bus Drivers

L.E. Jordan
Bob Carr
Barbara Curp
Dixie Rooney
Eloise Morgan
Dan Spidle
Marge Suddarth
Bus Supervisor

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Connie Hogan - Sherrie Silvey

Agriculture            Art  
     Mike Pollard     Lori Fickess

First Grade
Lori Hicks - Fran Esry

Business            Drivers Ed
Sharon Kimble    Bob Shearer
Second Grade
Gloria Leamer - Penny Teig
English/history        FACS      
Harrison Hartley   Carol Phares
Third Grade
Patty Dixon - Tiffany Gosseen
Language Arts    MS Language Arts
Barbara Allard          Joyce Stohr       
Fourth Grade
Michelle Newman - Sue Morris
Mathematics           MS Math
Joseph Guerriero       Arnold List      
Para K - 4
Peri Whitmer - Sharla Stith
Music / Band       Physical Ed      
Joel Jones        Brent Snyder
Fifth Grade
Dina Campbell - Angela Schlichting
Science          MS Science, EL&MS PE
Henry Holt               J. L. Hickman           
Sixth Grade
Robert Powell - Michelle Roseman
Science/MS Social Studys
Jerry Fagg
Social Studys  Spanish/German
Chris Gagnon       Jim Sterner    


Special Services

Linda Norton EL Special Ed.
Lucy Harp HS Special Ed.
Rebecca Peterson MS Special Ed.
Brenda Farmer  Remedial  Reading
Rita Cox Para
Martha Crist Para
Sarah davies Librarian
Brenda Ayres Nurse
Deanna Grant Parents as teachers
Angela Guest Councelor
Montana Moore EL Councelor


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Greenhills Users Group

Polo Schools host the Greenhills Internet Users Group meetings
Dates to be anounced

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Library / Media Center
Librarian: ~ Sarah Davies ~ or Ms. Davies ~ (to the students)

The Library / Media Center
is open to the public daily from 8:00 A.M. to 3:30 P.M.
and every Thursday night from 6-8 P.M.
Story time at 7 P.M.

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Mission Statement
The Mission of the Polo R-VII School Library is to Provide students and
staff with quality resources, guided access of information, and instruction to
support the curriculum, inhance teaching, and foster a lifelong love of
reading and learning.

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A Little History

Construction Dates of Buildings:

  Old red-brick building, was built in 1907 (Demolished in 1973); Gymnasium and classrooms (Old Gym) was built in 1939, and (Demolished around 1990); The Elementary building in 1952, and the High School in 1965, (21,171 square feet, Costing $10.45 per square foot); The total cost for land, construction, architect fees, etc., was $257,566.02.
  The new gymnasium, and addition to the agriculture building were built in 1973
The addition between the High School, Elementary, and gymnasium, was built in 1989-90.And it was occupied in early 1990. (No cost available at this time).

  Bob Grove organized the first Polo Invitational Tournament in 1976. The Polo girls won 1st or 2nd place eight years in a row.( second place in 1979, first in 1980-83, and second in

(Thanks to Bob & Dorothy Grove for the help with this page)

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May 4, 1998
Astronaut Came to Town

  Lieutenant Commander William C.(Willie) McCool, From NASA came to Polo High School on May 4, 1998. he spent the day with the kids going from class to class and answering questions about the space program. Then at 6:00 P.M. He gave the adults the same opportunity. He gave a slide show on a shuttle mission, and some very interesting information on what goes on behind the scenes.

  I guess the weather was too nice, we didn't have as big a crowd as we had hoped for, But most of the good cooks in town showed up and the food was great, and a good time was had by all.

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