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Medium: Manga

Issues: 14

Genre: Super heros/Kids

Brief Summery,

Six kids; Janna, Erik, E.J. Amanda, Allison and Mike are best friends who live in a small town in California USA. All of them under the age of 12 become super heros known as "3D Lasers."

A terrable name even they'll admit that, but they'll keep it till they think of something that hasn't been used already. Their name comes from the 3D glasses they where that are suped up to see through certain types of material and fire out lassers. Each of them wears has a Unique weapon of their own from a Lasser-net, Bow & Arrows, Sword, to a Staff.

Their goal is to take care of their neighborhood and save the day the best way they know how. But soon they make arch enemies of the mad Dr.Hill, the greedy Coreen Blanch, and evil for the fun of being evil Tait Masterson.

Can Kids really be super heros? There is only one way to find out!

The characters,

~Janna Debrali~

Age: 10, Laser: Purple, Hobbies: Roller skating & playing with gadgets.

Personality: Very intelligent young girl Janna likes to learn how things work and make gadgets of her own, though her inventions don't always work. She also likes to think things through before reacting she has slow reflexes making her an easy target for other kids to pick on.


~Eric McKinley~

Age: 11, Laser: Blue, Hobbies: Reading comic books, playing football, and baseball.

Personality: Eric is very shy and doesn't make friends easily, but he is head strong and likes to solve mysteries.


~E.J. Morris~

Age: 10, Laser: Pink, Hobbies: Gymnastics, Karate, and reading books.

Personality: Nice girl that is usually polite and lady liek, but she won't admit it. She is very bold and friendly, but she can be mouthy and get into trouble.


~Amanda Kindal~

Age: 9, Laser: Red, Hobbies: Drawing, singing, goofing off and hoolahoop.

Personality: Very sweet and hyper girl, she is never shy and always eager to make new friends. She is a People-pleaser which gets her into trouble. She loves animals, specially cats & dogs, and likes to play with them just as much as her human friends.


~Allison Corwin~

Age: 6, Laser: Peach, Hobbies: Telling jokes, watching tv, playing jump rope & dress up.

Personality: Allison is nice but she doesn't like to be told what to do. She has a mind of her own and will only play with you if you're doing what she wants to do. She is very hyper, bold and shameless.


~Mike Corwin~

Age: 9, Laser: Green, Hobbies: Horse back riding & Karate.

Personality: Mike is Allison's older brother and just as hyper as she is. With a one track mind he's a smart mouth and a little pumpas, but he is always around for his friends and will always make up for his mistakes in the end.

Author Notes:

This story is around 10 years old now. I first stared writing this when I was 8. The characters are mostly based on myself, my twin sister and some of our friends. The characters are a little bland right now because I haven't changed much of the character profiles from the ones I wrote out when I was 11. Some parts, such as the title, might be lame but I will always be found of this story because it has so many great memories for me and was my very first story idea. It would probably make for an entertaining kids comic book series, though I originally meant for it to be a TV series. Hope you enjoy it!

More to come!