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Battle Chronicles Y by Maria Spencer

Medium: TV series

Parts: Seven-teen

Genre: Sci-fi thriller/Mystery-suspence

Short summery:

In the future the countries of the world expand their domains by building under water cities and artificial islands using Austrefois Mechos, construction mecha Call A-Mac for short, to help in this heavy labor. Some wish to commercially produce and sell A-Mac as weapons. The only thing stopping them is that every design up to date have proven to be sluggish in battle and or to hard on the pilot's body. Even the A-Mac used in construction needs three pilots to operate, and are extremely difficult, yet they are the only tools available for building in the great Seas and oceans of the world.

15 year old Rei Brocks, a construction worker with the Bruzac Unit is hired along with the other Bruzac to protect Hakashi Adill from the dangerous Odel Farkill. Farkill wants to use Hakashi as a test pilot for his Battle A-Mac after witnessing her single Handily piloting a normal A-Mac during a terrors attack, which was actually an attack Farkill had arranged for political reasons. Hakashi claims it was dumb luck and hasn't a clue how she did it. But soon she's recruited into a spy network Called 'Freedom Fighting Coalition' (FFC) who are trying to stop certain tycoons from becoming over Lords and rulers of their beloved oceanic nations and City states. Then Hakashi comes face to face with a mirror image of herself named Takashi Asaru.

Takashi Asaru is the pacifist princess from Saphera. Her father died recently leaving Takashi to take over her father's duties of mediating between several of the oceanic City states. Takashi is almost every thing Hakashi isn't personality wise. Takashi also has a gift, but she keeps it hidden from every one else.

But as Takashi and Hakashi's lives collide the secrete files known as Chronicle Y are opened and reveal the mystery of Hakashi and Takashi's gifts and their connection with each other. However if this Chronicle fall in the wrong hands Hakashi and Takashi aren't the only ones in danger, a Mystery girl named Sakuya along with the rest of the world will be in harms way!

Picture by Sarah C. Saw the pic in Sarah's gallory and it made me think of Sakuya, so she let me use it.

Left in the ice alone,

Left in the ice to be unknown,

No one knows my sorrow,

Only time remains constant,

Only the Sea waves visit me

Locked in side,

Guarded by Ice, Time and Sea.

Character details:

The Heros: Hakashi Adill Rei Brock Takashi Asaru Solis Eisly Sakuya

The Villians: Odel Farkill Klartz Shang Long Jairo Hudnell

Suporting cast: Anthony Noin Drake Livingston May-mi Lang

Trinity Armonia Alisa Arthur Adian Nattuno

I am working on the character pages as fast as I can


Episode 1. Fate's guiding hand: It was just another political event, until Hakashi landed in an A-Mac and a secrete gift was revealed. A gift that will make her the target of many people for just as many prepossess.

Episode 2. By Chance: The Bruzac Unit are hired to protect Hakashi, Rei is particularly interested in their charge and wants to know more about her piloting skills.

Episode 3. Changed Destinies: One trip to the circus changes Takashi's world forever when Klartz mistake her for Hakashi and then Rei comes to the rescue.

Episode 4. Sorrow of the Ice maiden: An unknown girl is in a frozen like state deep at the bottom of an under water laboratory near the North poll, only one person remembers her existence.

Episode 5. Battle ground Zero: Ashamed and disgraced Shang has been hiding near the Philippines, Alisa discovers his hide out days before a War Lord lunches an attack causing chaos and she attempts to convenes Shang to join her FFC Unit.

Episode 6. --Untitled--: Jairo falsifies some documents and becomes a member of the Saphera Royal guard, but getting close enough to Takashi to discover if she's gifted like Hakashi will be more difficult.

Episode 7. Untold Furtunes: Klartz has been sent to watch Solis incase Hakashi or Takashi visit their Betrothed, while on watch he finds a clue that points him to Trinity.

Episode 8. Classifacation; War A-Mac: Farkill is making contracts for his war A-mac with warlords and rebels in advance, but the FFC troops led by Alisa keeps ruining his plans so he sends the Type-B on another 'demonstration' this time the target is the FFC's base of operations.

Episode 9. The Third of what? : Trinity is the third one of what Hakashi and Takashi are. After a visit from Klartz will she go find Takashi and Hakashi to tell them who and what they are? Did she tell Klartz the truth?

Episode 10. The Frozen Heart: Klartz reports to Farkill what little Trinity told him of Chronicle Y and Sakuya's where abouts. Farkill sends Shang Long to get Sakuya and set the stage for a new strategy!

Episode 11. A soles: Solis finds a frail Takashi, or is it Hakashi, in the hospital. How ever it is Sakuya. He's even more confused then ever when she says she doesn't know him and claims that her "uncle" Odel is taking care of her

Episode 12. Ganymede: Farkill's latest creation is ready for testing, all he needs is Hakashi, Takashi or Sakuya to pilot it for him. Shang Long is sent after Sakuya, Klartz after Hakashi and Jairo is still in Saphera getting close to Takashi.

Episode 13.--Untitled--: Solis doesn't trust the Bruzac unit but he is unable to fight against the Bruzac and Shang Long though he puts up a good struggle to protect the innocent and Childish Sakuya she falls into the hands of Shang Long.

Episode 14. Crystal tears: Sakuya test pilots the Ganymede and stuns every one when-(not giving it away)- mean while Takashi and Hakashi meet Trinity face to face and given the Chronicle Y to protect. They are both shocked when their origins are unveiled.

Episode 15. Bitter decisions: Life is so unfair, but for Hakashi her life is not her's and she struggles to do the right thing. Takashi is in a similar situation and yet is eager to set thing right despite what that means she must give up.

Episode 16.--Untitled--: Alisa leads her FFC unit to aid Saphera; But Takashi uses her gift to prevent a battle between Farkill's men and the FFC.

Episode 17.--Untitled--: A happy end, a sad end, a tragic end; Once Sakuya is saved from Farkill's clutches where is Hakashi and Takashi to go? What new adventures are the Bruzac off to? What other threats must Alisa and the FFC face? Will Klartz, Jairo and Shang Long find new employment?

Also for your entertainment:


"World history" :Not up yet

Scientific side: coming soon

Aurther notes: Coming VERY soon.