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Red-Rider By Maria Spancer

Medium: Manga
Issues: Unnumbered


Rose Right works late nights as a secuartay gaurd at a scientce lab. Things are usualy quite. Untill she clocks off and hit the streets. Her brother disapered three years back and she's been serching for him ever sence, taking out any low life in her bath along for the ride.

Cyrtham Jones, Rose's room mate at the college dorm, is a frall young lady who's strong and character and always watching Rose's back. Cyrtham starts the story off in anatimpt to double as Rose in class, whil Rose moonlights as the natorious "Red-rider" A female motercycles that every even the most fers of bikers don't want to cross bathes with.

Issue guid, details on characters and a lot more to come.