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Animal Samurai By Maria Spancer

Medium: Manga
Issues: Unnumberd.
Genre: Mecha/kids


Ricky, Davin, Jossie & Mike thought they where just going to go on a camping trip. All they had to do was go to an old shop by the camp grounds that would have a few items they needed. But while leaving the store Jossie's curiosity got the better of her-

Mr.Chango, the old shop clerk is more then what he appears to be. A retired worrier from the future with a fantastic past of his own he hides weapons called Xavures in our present, his past, so that his old enemies, Gloria & Morgan, can't use the Xavures. However Gloria & Morgan are able to finally find what time period he is in and send armies looking for him and the Seven Xavures to our time endangering the lives of people around the world of this era.

Now Mr.Chango must ask the only people he trust to use the Xavures to fight off Gloria & Morgan's armies. Ricky, Davin, Jossie, Mike and Jossie's little sister Sally are very unlikely heros when you consider that they are only kids, but they are the only people Mr.Chango can trust and with his help they'll master the Xavures saving the present & the future from the evil Gloria & Morgan.

Can these kids do it, do they have what it takes?! Of course they do!

More on the way!