Tori Amos to play Canadian club show
               By JOHN SAKAMOTO
               Executive Producer, Jam! Showbiz
               Tuesday, March 24, 1998
                 It's official: The Tori Amos club tour we told you
               about last month is booked and ready to go, at the
               same time as her new single leaks to radio stations
               across the U.S.
               The 12-city guerrilla tour -- which will kick off 2
               1/2 weeks before Amos's new album, "from the
               choirgirl hotel", is even in stores -- opens April 18
               in Fort Lauderdale and wraps up May 6 in Los
               Angeles, according to the official Atlantic Records
               web site.
               In between, Amos will play a lone Canadian date:
               April 28 in Toronto at the Phoenix, a venue that
               holds roughly 1,000 people.
               To avoid scalping, tickets to all shows, including the
               one in Toronto, will be sold using a voucher
               system, similar to the one employed by the
               Smashing Pumpkins, who pulled off a similar club
               tour two years back.
               Tickets will be sold only at the venue, with no
               phone sales. There will be a strict limit of two
               tickets per person, with the possibility of photo ID
               being required to claim the tickets. (No other ticket
               information is available at this time, so please do
               NOT call the venue.)
               Meanwhile, Amos's new single, "Spark" -- whose
               lyrics "She can crawl like a glacier/But she couldn't
               keep baby alive" appear to be about a miscarriage
               Amos suffered at the end of her last tour -- has
               sprung all manner of leaks at radio stations south of
               the border. The song has already aired in markets
               from Detroit to Iowa to L.A.
               According to the outstanding A Dent In The Tori
               Amos Universe website, a spokesperson for
               Atlantic Records U.S. says a clerk in the
               company's shipping department sent out promo
               copies of the song by mistake.
               However, none of that seems to have affected
               Canadian release plans for the song. According to
               Warner Music Canada, "Spark" won't be officially
               serviced to radio stations in this country until next
               Wednesday (April 1).
               The "from the choirgirl hotel" album will be in stores
               in Canada and the U.S. on Tuesday, May 5.
               On April 10, Amos will appear on David
               Letterman's "Late Show". Two other worthwhile
               Tori Amos websites: Really Deep Thoughts and All
               The White Horses.

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